11 months ago

Hey all.

My girlfriend and I have been playing this a lot recently, and kind of a long shot, but maybe someone here knows since finding information on the internet about the SNES port in particular is a bit rough.

Is there a specific way to spawn them?

I read elsewhere it was basically depending on dipswitch settings a 1/256 or 1/2048 chance (depending if it was set to "easy" or "hard' mode) on official arcade hardware.

Any idea if it's just that simple and a 1/256 chance as the SNES port defaults to "easy"?


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10 months ago

hi there! i'm almost 99% sure that the diamonds just spawn randomly when an apple hits the ground. i know nothing about the actual chances of it spawning though. if you can figure anything else out i'd love to hear!

(also sorry i'm a bit late i don't check all that much)

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