Some quick kill
Some quick kill
Updated 4 years ago by Spyrunner13

Sphere:you can side-jump with the motion control, which is very useful, in this level, missiles on the worms, in the first cycle, do some damage but let it recover once, the scan help the research of the weakspot, in the end, chain freeze+rapid shot, you should get 3medals the fastest possible.

-Samus:stay close, dont wait for the landing and jump before your charged shot:you'll push her more precisely.

-tower boss:the electric shot is strong and can hit several things... For both.

-the final wave on the hot planet surroundered by sword user:a dummy and two mines.They deystroy beserker if you don't know.

-the last ice quadripede:go on the right, the highest, he will charge you, exposed to a stalactites and two super missiles.

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