Motherload Goldium?
6 years ago
British Columbia, Canada

I assume the perks obtainable in the Goldium Edition - the Multi-Drill and Ancient Blueprints - are banned? The rules just say "no cheats of any kind", but it's not clear whether these would qualify as cheats or not.

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Indiana, USA

Thank you for bringing this point up.

The rules specify: "You must play on version .930 or higher". Motherload Goldium Edition was marked by the developers as being versions 1.000 and up. Arithmatically, 1.000 is technically greater than .930. But because Motherload Goldium Edition is a paid video game while Motherload is not, and because they are recognized as different games by XGen Studios, they should be recognized as separate games on Therefore, Motherload Goldium Edition belongs in a separate category from Motherload.

If you feel like Motherload Goldium Edition should be added as a category, let me know and I will add a section for it.

Do note the purpose of the "You must play on version .930 or higher" was added for consistency- mineral spawn rates are different amongst versions less than that. There are versions above .930 that, to my knowledge, do not affect the spawn rate or any significant portion of the speedrun, and thus are allowed by the rules. But the purpose of the rule isn't to allow the newest expansions to be played in the same category.

Hope that helps!

Wisconsin, USA

Motherload Goldium has several perks such as the Martian oil (which gives a $1000+ boost early on) and the ancient blueprints ofc, as well as the multi-drill if that would be allowed. However, the game moves significantly slower than regular Motherload at version .930. It would need to be a separate game, which would be interesting because you can add challenge mode to that as a separate category. That would be cool I think.

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