Anyone verifying runs?
6 years ago
Ontario, Canada

Hi, Was wondering if anybody has been looking at the submitted runs. I've been waiting a bit for mine to be verified. I can mod the game if one of you guys doesn't feel like it.

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Indiana, USA

Thank you for expressing your concern about the moderation for this game. I understand that you should not have to wait as long as you did for your runs to be verified. I have been very busy with school in the past couple of months, so I apologize for the inconvenience. If you're still interested in becoming a moderator, please message me back. I look forward to adding you to the moderation team!

And as for your most recent run, the timer was stopped after Natas's health dropped below 0. The timer should stop once you see his health bar disappear. I re-timed this part of the run, which came out to be 8.5 seconds, and added that to your final time. Rounding down, this made the official time of your run: 18 minutes, 2 seconds. If you feel this was mistimed, feel free to re-time your run and record the results in this thread. If you're curious about why the timer should stop there in general, go ahead and ask!

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Wisconsin, USA

Yeah Darktigr sometimes the runs take a few weeks to become verified, but that's no problem to me. Always good to have some more people on the moderation team to make it quicker!

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