1.0 Load Remover

New new new load remover that also splits for you at the end for consistent timing. Only works for 1.0 (direct download)

By pitpopitpo

1.01 Load Remover

Load remover for 1.01 (direct download)

By pitpopitpo


Map saves (1.0)

Set of saves for each map. Extract into (Public) Documents/City Interactive/Operation Thunderstorm/Save. WARNING - this will overwrite your current saves. (direct download)

By Mr_MaryMr_Mary


Any% splits

Empty splits for each level. Using levels' internal names. (direct download)

By Mr_MaryMr_Mary


1.01a patch (Polish version)

A pack consisting of two patches: 1.01 and 1.01a. They bring lots of improvements such as more generous AI, less enemy spawns, minimap, but for a price of one unskippable cutscene. (external link)

By City Interactive

Operation Thunderstorm v1.0

A NoCD crack for the 1.0 version of the game, not available through Steam. The game is in Polish, there is no english patch as far as we're aware. (external link)

By City Interactive