All Main Quests (Glitched) Notes/Guide - GotY Route

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This is for the version 1.6 GotY edition, which is currently the fastest version. For learning the route, I recommend replicating what I do in my run bit by bit, and then committing it to memory, using saves for parts that are difficult or hard to remember.

OOB=Out of Bounds
AI=Almsivi Inervention
DI=Divine Intervention

General notes:

Menu Setups
Main things I think are important for menus are the dialogue and bartering windows. I have a very specific setup that I use which I believe is most appropriate for the run.

Dialogue - I have my dialogue window set up for training. When I go to do the only training in the run at the Fighters Guild, the training button is lined up on Spear so I can train by double clicking after opening dialogue. Other than that, the window is pretty small so I can reach "Goodbye" relatively fast without having to move my mouse all the way across the screen.

Bartering - I have the "Offer" and "Cancel" buttons positioned to be adjacent to "Goodbye" so when I complete a transaction, I just have to move my mouse left a bit to finish it. This is done in a very quick motion which saves time. You can also practice doing this easily on any save file.

-Keybinds are really important as they allow you to select spells while moving. For some spells like Bound Spear, I do not Keybind them, even though I use them quite a bit. By using another keybind and then using Next Spell in conjunction, you can access other spells that you have not keybound very quickly. For example, selecting Bound Spear is achieved by using Almsivi Intervention (spell) that we purchase, bound to 1, then pressing V two times quickly which for me is bound to Next Spell.

-You move 1.4x faster while moving diagonally so try to incorporate that when it is reasonable. I use the (pinned) map as a visual cue by looking at the direction i'm facing in many situations.

-Very often, your immedate goal/next thing to do is to get to the next location OR person in as straight of a line as possible. A big part of this is knowing exactly where to aim, and another part is being able to INTERACT from max range. Default keybind for this is spacebar, but I use E which is default in the later ES games, but it's all preference. A lot of the time I tend to mash just so I can initate the interaction as fast as possible.

-Going out of bounds is normally done by just holding a direction (usually backwards) as you are entering an interior cell. However, it can also be achieved by going up against a thin wall or geometry and quicksaving as you are moving in that direction. I use it quite a few times and it is absolutely worth it if you want to go as fast as possible. It can be tricky to use F5 so quickly but you can actually keybind this to something else if you prefer. Also, with superior hardware, it not possible to do out of bounds in specific areas, so you have to remember which ones these are for you and do a Quicksave as soon as you enter. It doesn't lose much time to do this and you should be able to do an OOB in a lot of areas.

-You can move and aim a bit the instant the fade-in begins while you are entering a new location. I take advantage of this in a few spots.

I won't cover most of the dialog done throughout the run, so I recommend trying for yourself and commit it to memory. You can use slow-mo playback if necessary or ask questions in Elder Council Discord for specific help. Just be aware that there is an optimal amount of dialogue for the run and you can lose time by choosing unnecessary options.

The segments below are my splits, and you are obviously free to use whatever segments/splits setup you'd like.

1. Ghorak Manor
-Restoration (Major), Mysticism (Minor), Athletics (Major), Major)
-Steal Lockpick, take ring, use AR, talk to Sellus: Morrowind, duties
-Run directly to Tarhiel, when he screams wait 1 hour, take all (dispose also works)
-Press previous spell to select Icarian, point at rock, jump diagonally, stop holding forward, land at manor, wait 24 hours, use AR, enter Manor

2. Buffing Up
-Run upstairs, take Orcish Armor, sell the armor, hat, robe, ring, make it max sale and sell
-Go to Verick Gemain, buy Amulet of Recall, exit
-Go to Mages Guild, go to Balmora
-Talk to guide, buy Bound Spear, Bound Longbow
-Buy Levitation
-Join Mages Guild, steal supplies from Stairs, buy 2x Scroll of Divine Intervention, steal soulgem with ceiling glitch, use Almsivi
-Enter temple, go to basement, buy spells Almsivi, Vitality
-Go to next guy, buy spells Fortitude, Mark
-Make spell 100 pts str on self, 3x 100 pts speed on self, 100 pts personality on self, 100 pts luck on self, 100 pts fortify health on self, fortify attribute (no points) on target, name it "3"
-Make spell 2x 100 pts Int on self, fortify attribute (no points) on target, named "2"
-Make spell 2x 100 pts Willpower on self, fortify attribute (no points) on target, named "1"
-Make spell 2x 100 pts speed on target with area 50, fortify attribte (no points) on target, named "45"
-Bind AI, "45", Levitate, mark, Amulet of Recall, potion of fortify Willpower, potion of restore magicka, and lockpick
-Use all 5 Fortify willpower while exiting the temple, Quicksave and quickload (prevents crashes), use 2 restore magicka, cast "1" twice, during second cast use 2 more magicka, then cast "1" a third time (+600 Willpower)
-Keep going to Silt Strider, switch to "2" with next spell and cast it til +600 int, while using restore magicka potions every 2 casts
-Switch to "3" and cast twice, mark at silt strider facing Caius house, go to Seyda neen

3. To Vivec
-Run toward tomb while spamming "3", rest before entering tomb
-At 1500 speed/before entering tomb, rest until healed
-OOB and grab the Skull, recall
-Fly toward Caius, do one cast of "3", switch to mark and enter Caius house
-Mark at Caius, get first quest
-Fly toward dwemer ruin, OOB or do inbounds movement to cube area
-Take cube, recall, exit his house, refresh levitate, enter Fighters Guild
-OOB to behind supply chest and steal/equip the Iron Arrows, go through stairs to talk to Wayn, sell the Iron Longsword (from Tahriel), make it max sale and spam barter til it works
-OOB (quicksave method) and fly to hand in cube, recall
-Talk to Caius for next quest
-Fly to Mages Guild, OOB to talk to Orc and turn in quest, train mysticism to level 35, recall
-Rest at bed (mash spacebar), level up. Rest again, level up. Talk to Caius for the next quest
-Go to silt strider, go to Vivec

4. Khuul
-Use levitation immediately, fly to Foreign Quarter Lower, Waistworks, get "45" ready
-OOB to the Black Shalk Cornerclub, use 3rd person here, land the spell anywhere on the ground (50 yard radius is big)
-Escort the argonian, make sure you land "45" on him a total of 2 times
-While escorting him cast Bound Longbow, then get AI ready
-After getting his notes use AI, take bow out, fly toward St Olms Waistworks, kill Tax guy from OOB, refresh levitate and go to the canalworks
-Get notes from Khajiit, AI
-Go to Hall of Wisdom, then Library, talk to Mehra, steal Progress of Truth, resist arrest, talk to Mehra, recall
-Get next quest from Caius, fly to Strider then go to Ald Ruhn
-Use levitate, fly to Ald Skar Inn. Use OOB or go to the guy normally, get his notes, Almsivi
-Go to The Rat in the Pot, get Command Humanoid, recall
-Get next quest at caius,

5. Moon-and-Star
-Run foward (facing east) and use levitation, switch map to world map to see where you're going more easily
-Mark outside of Burial Grounds, enter, use OOB to go fast and cast Bound Spear while moving
-Kill ghost with spear and take the bow, recall
-Go to camp, Talk to Zabamund (bottom option), go to Ashkhan, mark at him, go to Wise woman, wait or rest at her bedroll til 6 or 7 AM or PM
-Fly to Cavern of the Incarnate cast Bound Longbow or equip Bonebiter bow, take ring and exit

6. Ahemmusa Nerevarine
-Go to Nerano tomb, kill vamp with bow, refresh levitate and leave
-Fly south to Zainab camp, get his quest, fly to Tel Vos, go OOB to kill Master Aryon with bow, refresh levitate before leaving
-Go to Tel Mora, kill Dratha (in bounds)
-Go to Ahemmusa Camp, enter Wise Woman's Yurt, create enchanted shoes of Command Humanoid 21-21 points on touch (must change duration to >1 then back to 1 for it to work)
-Land the shoes spell twice in under a full second (easy to do because it's insta cast), get named nerevarine, recall

7. Redoran Councilors
-Do dialogue with Urshilaku Ashkhan to get Nerevarine, use AI to Gnisis
-Go to strider, then to Ald Ruhn
-Fly toward Redoran Manor building, mark at center, get lockpick out
-Unlock hidden door, talk to prisoner (Sarethi's son), buff him with "45" 2 times while escorting him to Sarethi Manor
-Get to Sarethi, let him say "Thank you" then talk to him, talk to 4 councilors, then last one at Venim Manor who challenges you to a duel, AI to leave
-Fly to silt strider, go to Balmora

8. Erabenimsum Nerevarine
-Fly to Caius, mark at him, get next quest, fly to 6th house base near Gnaar Mok, get a bow out
-Enter base, use OOB to go fast, kill boss at the end and recall
-Get next quest from Caius, exit his house and go to Vivec
-Mark at the Vivec strider, facing him, go to Molag Mar
-Use levitation while running straight toward Erabenimsum camp, while flying cast Bound Spear
-Kill 1st guy in yurt, take the robe, kill 2nd guy (take nothing but wait for Journal update), kill 3rd and 4th guy in center yurt, take amulet and glass axe from them
-Talk to wise woman about Nerevarine prophecies, exit and go to Han Ammu's yurt to get Nerevarine, refresh levitate

9. Zainab Nerevarine
-Fly to Tel Fyr, use OOB to get to Divayth, talk to him
-Go to corprusarium using OOB to go fast, refresh levitate along the way and use Bound Bow after talking to dwemer guy
-Get back to Divayth, use DI scroll when he gives potion
-Now at Sadrith Mora, fly to Tel Naga tower, kill Neloth with Bow (inbounds), refresh levitate, exit
-Go to Tel Aruhn, to Upper Tower to kill Gothren from OOB with your bow, exit and get the shoes ready
-Fly to slave area, use the shoes on her twice, immediately close dialogue
-Fly toward Zainab camp, speak to Ashkhan and get Nerevarine, recall

10. Lost Prophecies
-Go to Balmora, fly to Caius, get final orders, recall
-Go to dren plantation, get a Bow out while flying, go in Dren's Villa and kill from OOB with bow
-Use bound spear while leaving, refresh levitate while going east to Ules Manor, talk to her then Recall
-Go to Arena, use spear to kill Venim, leave on journal update
-Go St olms canton, get bow ready, go to Yngling manor, kill nord, refresh levitate
-Go to haunted manor, OOB and go directly to the basement (alternative/intended/slower method: use lockpick to get to basement) talk to Dram Bero, AI
-Fly east to island, refresh levitate, enter Omani Manor, talk to Omani, AI
-Fly to Ministry (floating rock), break in with lockpick, OOB to Prison keep, break in
-Break in to Mehra's cell (on right side)
-Give her a DI scroll, use AI
-Fly to ebonhart, talk to woman at dock, go to Holamayaan
-Rest til 6 or 7 AM or PM, enter monastery, OOB or just go to Gilvas Barelo, talk to him, recall

11. Meeting with Vivec
-Go to Balmora, then Ald Ruhn, get Redoran Hortator, recall,
-Fly to Vivec boat, go to Tel Branora
-Fly to Upper Tower, OOB to Therana's Chambers, OOB or just go to Therana, get Telvanni Hortator (re-open dialogue once), recall
-Fly to Hlaalu Canton, go to Curio Manor, OOB to Crassius, kiss him for Hlaalu Hortator, use AI
-Talk to Danso right there and meet the archcanon, enter High Fane
-OOB to get to Archcanon, agree to meet with Vivec, AI
-Go to Vivec, agree to get Wraithguard, talk to him about "defeat Dagoth Ur" for map markers around Red Mountain if you want, recall

12. Azura
-Use Strider to Balmora, then Ald Ruhn
-Fly toward Red Mountain, mark on tower near Dagoth Ur, go to get Keening use OOB to go fast and take Keening, recall
-Fly toward Sunder, use bound spear, refresh levitate, use OOB to go fast there and get Sunder, recall
-Fly down and clip in to enter Dagoth Ur (or use the crank), use OOB to go fast, mark at Dagoth Ur's cave when you enter, use OOB (quicksave method) to go to the chamber, use sunder and keening on heart, fly away and use recall when you get journal update