AMQ Notes

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[Seyda Neen]
race Redguard
class Agent
birthsign The Steed
steal platter
take ring
"Morrowind, duties"
give ring
adrenaline rush
sell platter
buy lockpick, ondusi unhinging, 2 almsivi
get icarian flight

[Red Mountain]
buy rising force potion, mark, recall
buy mark, recall repeatedly until no money
bind mark and recall
jump to Ondusal
get halberd and Keening
rising force NW to Vemynal
kill Vemyn with lockpick
take all

[Astral Burial]
N to fortress
NW to Urshilaku Burial Site
take bow from Wraith
stack Luck to 3000

[Potion Shop]
buy 7 marks and 22 recall
sell 1 recall for 870 gold

mark in front of strider
strider to Seyda Neen
buy Jack of Trades spell
fly NE to ancetral tomb
get skull
Caius: "Report to Ciaus, Yes, Yes, orders, orders, Continue"
train unarmoured
run E to bridge
rest and level up twice
take puzzle box from dwemer ruin Arkngthand
run to Fighter's Guild
steal Iron Arrows and equip
"favour, Sixth House"
"orders, orders"
run to Mage's Guild
buy 2 almsivi
stealth kill, take 2 almsivi, 2 divine
steal almsivi and divine from chest downstairs
downstairs: "errand, errand, Nerevarine cult"
spellmaking: fort Speed 100-100 in 10ft on target & fort Luck 10 on target (cost 172)
buy Water Walking spell
"orders, orders"
strider to Vivec

SW up stairs, into Foreign Quarter Lower Waistworks
ready asd, use on lizard
lizard: "friend's bookstore"
dude: "pursuade, filthy lizard"
lizard: "Travel together, yes"
walk out, asd
walk to bookstore, wait for dude
"Nerevarine cult"
run S exit, across S, across SW, enter St. Olms Waistworks
sneak kill dude, delay before leaving, ready almsivi
run Canalworks, Underworks
"Sixth House cult"
run Hall of Wisdom, run Library
asd, talk, asd
stealth steal Progress of Truth
"Nerevarine cult, Progress of Truth"

"orders", close and reopen, "orders"
strider to Ald-ruhn
run E to Inn
"pursuade, business, what are their gift-giving customs, Thoughful gift, ashlanders"
"orders, Continue, Continue, Continue"
strider to Ald-ruhn
strider to Khuul

run ENE past mountains and ruins to Urshilaku Camp
Zabamund's hut (right from middle)
"Nerevarine prophecies, 2nd from bottom option (tell about Sixth house)"
middle hut
"Nerevarine prophecies, initiation rite, initiation rite"
wise woman's hut
"Nerevarine prophecies, Continue, pass the test"
set time of day to 6 (am or pm)

[Path of the Incarnate]
fly E to water, follow shore until ruins, S until pointed mountain, Cavern of the Incarnate on other side
take ring, skip cutscene
"Not the one"

use pants, fly E to trees, then N and down to Nerano Ancestral Tomb
equip bow, go oob, murder vampire
fly SSE to Zainab Camp
"pursuade, Nerevarine, tell your story, ask set a task, Calvario, Nerevarine, Continue"
go to wise woman's hut
fly NNE to Tel Vos
murder guy oob
fly E to Tel Mora
murder guy on left oob
fly NW to Ahemmusa Camp
left from middle hut
go to wise woman's tent
"Nerevarine, I want to, safe place, acompany you, acompany you, Yes, goodbye"
asd on her 10 times total
travel N across water
guide through dungeon
"name you Nerevarine"
"Council of Sul-Matuul, Continue, Urshilaku Nerevarine, need, duty, Urshilaku Nerevarine"

[Redoran Councillors]
run into Manor district, use mark in center
go to Venim, steal key, kill guard
"travel together, Follow me"
asd 5 times
guide him back to Sarethi manor
"Redoran Hortator"
turn right to Ramoran, "Redoran Hortator", recall
run through Arobar, "Redoran Hortator", recall
go through council chambers to Morvayn, "Redoran Hortator", recall
go to Llethri, "Redoran Hortator", recall
go back to Venim, "Redoran Hortator", recall
strider to Balmora

[Sixth House Base]
run back to Caius, mark
"orders, I'm ready for anything, Continue"
fly NW to houses in water, NW a bit to Ilunibi
fly through shrine, kill dude
"orders, Continue, Continue"
strider to Vivec
strider to Molag Mar

follow path then mountain then ruin past to Erabenimsun Camp
left hut, kill guy, take green robes
next hut, kill guy, wait for journal update
next hut, kill both, take red amulet and glass axe
go to wise woman
"Nerevarine prophecies, Continue, Nerevarine prophecies"
go to Han-Ammu's hut (2nd from right)
"(Nerevarine prophecies, optional), want to be ashkhan until name me Nerevarine appears"

[Corprus Cure]
rising force NE to Tel Fyr
run through Onyx Hall
"Offer him, the divine disease, corprus disease, tell him, Continue"
run through bottom area
"Dwemer boots"
QS running down into the ground to void out
go back up to top guy
"potion, Yes, Continue, Continue"

rising force N to Tel Naga
murder dude oob
fly down to Telvani council house
clip oob and talk to Galar Rotham
buy 2x scroll of lesser domination
fly WNW to Tel Aruhn
murder dude inbounds (or oob)
run to slave shop
lockpick cage door
quicksave / quickload
use asd once and command human
guide her through the building as you use asd
she'll auto complete when you get to the end
fly to NE to Zainab
"Telvanni bride"

[Lost Prophecies]
run to docks, go to Tel Branora
fly up E to tower, go to top to Therana
"Telvanni Hortator, Amuse her (bottom)", close and reopen, "Telvanni Hortator"
strider to balmora
Caius: "orders"
fly S to Arena Pit
murder dude
fly left to St Olms Plaza, then first door to Yngling Manor
murder dude oob
run to Haunted Manor
use rising force, equip almsivi and lockpick
"Hlaalu Hortator, Tell him your story"
fly up and unlock door
go through to Milo
"Divine intervention scroll, Continue"
fly E to docks
"know you, go fishing, yes"
travel to coast region
set time to 6 or 7 pm
run up to monestary
"lost prophecies, Continue"

strider to balmora
strider to ald-ruhn
go to sarethi manor
"Redoran Hortator, Continue (get a shitload of journal updates)"

fly N to Plantation, enter Dren's Villa
fly oob then back in, kill with halberd
go ENE to Ules Manor
"Hlaalu Hortator"
fly E to Olmani
"Hlaalu Hortator"
fly SW to Hlaalu Plaza, enter Curio Manor
"pursuade, Hlaalu Hortator, tell your story, oh, all right..."

[Hortator and Nerevarine]
"meet the archanon"
go into left door, clip oob to Saryoni
"Temple's doctrine, Continue, Yes"
go up to Vivec
"business, Continue, Yes, Yes, Continue"

[Dagoth Ur]
fly N all the way to Dagoth Ur
mark on ending spot
sunder x 1, keening x 5 on heart
wait for jounral