All Factions Notes

By VolvulusVolvulus. Last updated

Outdated as we no longer use Alchemy in the run

This run is done on GoTY with Tribunal enabled and Bloodmoon disabled. I've put the names of my splits but it's up to you how you would like to make your splits. I use a program called TextSplit (you can find it by searching r/Speedrun) to have these notes next to my Morrowind window, and the next slide is the same hotkey as split.

1. Balmora
-Female Nord
-Specialization: Magic
-Preferred: Strength, Agility
-Sign: The Steed
-Major: Blunt, Alchemy, Mysticism, Marksman, Enchant
-Minor: Long Blade, Light Armor, Block, Sneak, Mercantile
-Take platter, give ring to Fargoth, take Bungler's Bane and Hypha Facia on tree near Arrile's, go to Arrille's
-Sell all clothes and Platter, buy Iron Warhammer, leave
-Take Luminous Russula and Violet Coprinus near silt strider, take it to Balmora

2. Alchemy
-Go to Mages Guild, join mages guild, take Ceramic Bowl and supplies
-Talk to Ajira, hand in mushrooms, sell the potions, purchase a Rising Force potion
-Go to Caldera, take Alchemy set and Dreugh Wax
-Head to Sadrith Mora, go to Imperial Cult
-Wait 1 hour at merchant, buy 240 Netch Leather + Ash Yam
-Make/chug potions, reach 12500-13000 Intelligence, sell some back for gold
-Buy 400 Saltrice+Marshmerrow, sell back Int potions for gold, leave
-Use Rising Force to get to merchant, make all health potions (in midair), enter and buy 100 Shalk Resin + Kagouti Hide, make 1 potion and use it, exit
-Go to other merchant, buy 120 Scuttle + 100 Hound Meat, make all potions, keybind and use some, use Scroll of DI
-Go to Mages Guild, buy Frenzy Touch and Drain Blood, go to Balmora

3. Ajira
-Use Scroll of AI, go to Nalcayra, buy 4x Daedra Heart, a Diamond, 5x Scrap Metal, 1x Potion of Mark, and 20x Alit Hide. Sell Health potions back for gold, exit
-Go next door, QUICKSAVE OUTSIDE, get Stoneflower + Gold Kanet, buy clothes from Exquisite Ring + Amulet, Expensive Belt + Pants, exit
-Go to Mages Guild, do Ajira's quests, buy Levitate, Open and Weakness to Magicka, make all enchanted items, mark in front of guild guide, travel to Caldera

4. Fundraising / Training I
-Buy red Common Shirt from clothes shop, exit
-Buy Amulet of Recall from Verick Gemain
-Go to Ghorak Manor, sell potions for 45000 gold, leave and fly to trainer
-Level up Marksman to 45, keep resting as soon as you can. Level up Agility/Personality(no more than 35)/Int/Str
-Level up Sneak to 30
-Level up Block to 25, kill him and enter cave, murder the 3 in there, bind+use Recall

5. Edwinna
-Head to bookstore, buy Chronicles of Nchuleft, exit
-Join Fighter's Guild:
"orders" , "cave rats", bye
-leave and fly to Drarayne Thelas house: "cave rats"
-Open door right there and kill rat, leave and go upstairs to kill the rest, go back down and talk to her- "cave rat", bye
-Go toward Caius house and go to Vorar Helas house, take the Dwemer Tube in the bowl, recall, go to Ald-Ruhn
-Talk to Edwinna Elbert in Mage's Guild:
"Chronicles of Nchuleft, give her the book" "duties"
"Detect Creatures Potion", bye
-Leave and travel to Sadrith Mora
-Talk to Skink-in-Tree's-Shade:
"Detect Creatures Potion", bye
-Travel to Vivec, head left, open 2 doors (close behind you) and unlock chest to take Chimarvamidium, recall, go to Ald-Ruhn, talk to Edwinna:
"Detect Creatures Potion", "duties" "Chimarvamidium, give her the book"
"duties", "Huleen's Hut, yes", bye
-Leave and travel to Maar Gan, enter Huleen's Hut, kill Scamp, take his key, talk to guy: "Scamp", "Mages Guild" ,"all my fault", bye
-Recall, go to Ald Ruhn, talk to Edwinna:"Huleen's Hut", "duties"
"Chimarvamidium", bye
-Go to Vivec and put book back in chest, recall, go to Ald Ruhn, talk to Edwinna: "Chimarvamidium", "duties", "Advancement" spam, pay dues (Conjourer), "duties"
"Dwemer tube, yes", bye
-Bind AI/DI amulets, Frenzy Movis Darys and kill him, loot Sanguine item, recall

6. Fighters Guild II, Training II
-Use AI, go to Hlaalu Council Manor, speak to Nileno Doravyn:
"join House Hlaalu, yes"
"say that again, yes", bye
-Head upstairs, speak to Bolnor Andrani, train Marksman, leave and go to Hlaalo Manor, take brandy on the shelf, go upstairs and use bed to level up, head back, train Marksman to 50 and Light Armor to 30, rest at same place to level up, leave
-Head south along river to Shulk Egg Mine, kill 2 Poachers, recall, go to Vivec, Frenzy/Kill Tsrazami in Plaza, go to Fighters Guild, speak to Lorbumol:
"Juicedaw Feather Ring", bye
-Recall, go to Fighters Guild, speak to Eydis Fire-Eye:
"cave rat"
"egg poachers" 2x
"Telvanni agents" 2x
"Code book", bye
-Leave and fly to Dura gra-Bol's house, kill her, leave and go to South Wall Cornerclub. Frenzy/kill Sottilde, take the book. Speak to Sugar-Lips Habasi:
"join the Thieves Guild, yeah"
"diamond 2x, yes here it is"
"jobs", bye
-Recall, go to Ald-Ruhn, take Strider to Maar Gan, fly north to Falasmaryon to Missun Akin's Hut, level Marksman to 80 and rest there to level up, use DI to get to Gnisis

7. My Friend Dario
-AI to the Gnisis Temple, enter, buy Cure Common Disease potion, donate it uptsairs, reveal Ash Mask, AI out
-Fly to Koal Cave, donate Wax, exit, enter Berandas, get Boots of Apostle, AI to temple, enter Madach Tradehouse
-Go downstairs, talk to Darius:"Join the Imperial Legion, sign me up"
"orders", "land deed", bye
-Exit and go NE toward the mine, talk to the guy outside about "Eggmine", enter and go to Lower Eggmine, kill Orc that is there, continue to Underground Stream, talk to ghost about "Lugrub", go underwater and take axe, AI
-Go to Madach Tradehouse, talk to Darius
"land deed, murdered", "proof, his axe", "land deed", "orders", "eggmine"
-Exit and go back to the eggmine, go to lower eggmine and go left, cast Vivec's Touch on the queen, from there go to Bethamez and take plans, AI
-Fly north-northwest, kill 2 Dark Elves outside Yurt, enter and kill the guy, talk to the woman and travel together, head north to the tower Ald Velothi Outpost, enter it and say goodbye, leave
-Fly southwest, kill invisible guy near tree, take the Amulet of Shadows
-Go west-northwest to Daedric Shrine Yasammidan, kill first guy and dark elf in iron armor, take their Sanguine items, AI
-Head to Madach Trade house, talk to Darius:
"advancement" spam, "orders", "Madura Seran", "orders", "Ragash gra-Shuzgub"
-AI, head to Baladas place, kill rat, take 4 raw Ebony in crate, unlock, talk to Ragash "get me out" and escort him outside
-Go to the Barracks, Frenzy/kill Oritius Maro, go through door downstairs, unlock trap door, frenzy/kill Arius Rulician, unlock small chest on table, take item, AI
-Go to Madach Tradehouse, talk to Darius, "Ragash", "orders", "proof"
"conspiracy against the Emperor", bye

8. Vivec I
-Go to Vivec, to FQ Lower Waistworks, to Aurane Fernis: Apothecary, use Amulet of Shadows, take Recipe, AI
-Go to High Fane, break in to Archcanon's Office (clip?), bribe 100g, talk to him:
"my trade"
"Bad Daedra"
"Four Courners", goodbye
-AI out, talk to Danso, buy Standard Rising Force, donate it to shrine on the right toward Vivec's palace, donate 100g on right of Vivec's door shrine
-Enter canal on the right 3rd down from top, enter the center of the Puzzle Canal, drown yourself, take sword, give to daedra, use shrine, AI
-Travel via gondola to Hlaalu, go to plaza, persuade Nar >80 for Juicedaw Feather Ring, go to FQ plaza, to FG, talk to Lorbumul:
"Juicedaw Feather Ring"
"Tongue-Toad", bye

9. Fighter's Guild III
-DI to Moonmoth, enter Interio, talk to Radd:
"scrap metal" 2x, here it is
"Jocien Ancois", bye
-Recall, go up to Fighters Guild, talk to Eydis:
"code book, give her the book"
"debt money", bye
-Exit, go to Council club, frenzy/kill guy right there, buy 5 Cyrodillic Brandy, frenzy/kill Savor Trandel, take key, leave and take silt strider to Suran
-Go to Earthly Delights, bribe Desele to 80 for debt money, leave and go east of Suran map marker to Saturan, kill 7 enemies and exit (split on exit)

10. Molag Mar/Pelagiad
-Fly northeast to Nchuleftingth, go to Test of Pattern, Lower levels, take Report from corpse, exit
-Go north to small camp, kill 2 Ashlanders, enter yurt, kill ashlander on left, talk to other guy, AI to Molag Mar, take Silt Strider to Suran, use DI to Pelagiad
-Fly directly south to Mannammu, kill Dovres Verethi (end of dungeon), DI
-Fly to Fields of Kummu, take Muck, donate to shrine, go to Sarano Ancestral tomb, kill Hunger, exit
-Go Northeast to Daedric Shrine Ashunatares, fly to upper part and weaken orc with Racial/Amulet, recall

11. Training III
-Go to FG, hand in a ton of quests/advancement spam, train Long blade to 40/rest when needed at FG. Level up Str/Int/Pers, train Blunt to 70, recall

12. Thieves Guild I / Training IV
-Go to Ald-Ruhn, go to Rat in the pot, down the right, talk to Tongue Toad:
"Tongue-Toad", "kill me, no" bye
-Go up and down stairs to Aengoth: "jobs", "Anareren's Devil Tanto", bye
-AI, go to Drinar Varyon's House, take Redware Pot to reveal Dwemer Tube (2nd row closest to you, 3rd from right), exit
-Go to Manor District, to Redoran Council Entrance (triple doors) put Bonemold Helm on, talk to Neminda, "Orphan of Arnesia", go to Arobar Manor Entrance
-Go through the bedrooms but go right instead of left at the end, use Amulet of Shadows to open 75 lock chest, take the book. Go across, take the helm on the top of the dresser, leave
-Go to Llethri Manor, down and to the right, then straight, take door on right, open chest and take book, exit to the entrance, go to the Guard quarters across
-Take darts of judgment on the bed, recall
-Go to Vivec, to Fighters guild, talk to Lorbumol "Tongue-Toad", go to door in front of him, frenzy/kill Nord, AI
-Go to St Delyn plaza, go to the Abbey of St Delyn, go downstairs, open locked door, train Blunt to 90, AI
-Go to St Delyn two, take key from body, go down to St olms canal, to Asserneraian Shrine, weaken Dark elf/kill with Amulet, take both Sanguine items, kill Durus Marius, take both sanguine items, recall
-Go to Ald-Ruhn, steal Withershins on one side and open chest for Devil Tanto on other side, leave and go to FG
-Go downstairs, talk to Percius Mercius
"orders", "Vas", bye
-Go to Rat in the Pot, talk to Aengoth
"Anareren's Devil Tanto, yes here it is", "jobs", "Redoran Master Helm, take the helm", "jobs", "Boethia's Pillow Book, found in Arobar, here it is" "jobs", "Withershins, yes here it is", "jobs", "scrap metal 2x, yes here it is"
"Darts of Judgment, give him the darts", bye
-Recall, go to Sadrith Mora, DI, go to Dirty Muriel's Cornerclub, talk to Big Helende: "jobs", "potion recipe", bye and use DI

13. Dagon Fel I
-Fly to boat, go to Dagon Fel
-Fly west/south to donate 4 Daedra Hearts to the statue
-Fly west to Vas (possibly marked already), exit and talk to the person
-Fly southwest to Sargon, kill Dark Elf in bonemold (up), exit
-Fly west to Assumanu, kill Dark Elf in robe, exit
-Fly northwest to Ald Redaynia (island on map), take the Bittercup, recall

14. Avon
-Travel to Ald-Ruhn, go to FG, talk to Percius:
"Ulyne Henim"
"Nerer Beneran"
"bandits in Suran", recall
-AI, go to Hlaalu Council Manor, talk to Nileno Doravyn:
"Orphan of Arnesia"
"alchemical formulas 2x"
"Inanius egg mine", bye
-Exit, take silt strider to Suran
-Go to Oran Manor in Suran, talk to Serjo Avon Oran:
"bandits in Suran"
"Inanius egg mine, Nileno..."
"I accept", bye
-Exit and go to Inanius Egg Mine right near Suran, go underwater (or clip) and kill the queen, AI to Vivec

15. West End Girls
-Fly to boat, go to Hla Oad, fly Northwest to Ashurnibibi, kill Durgash, take key, kill other orc, talk to Joncis, exit
-Fly north to Ashalmimikala, kill Dark Elf in steel armor, High Elf in robe (Carecalmo) take his Sanguine item, fly up and take the Scroll of Fiercely Roasting, Recall

16. Hlaalu Kinsman
-Travel to Ald-Ruhn, go to FG, talk to Percius:
"Elith-Pal mine", bye
-Recall, AI, go to Hlaalu Council Manor, talk to Nileno Doravyn:
"Inanius egg mine"
"guar hides", bye
-Recall, go to Vivec, go to FQ Upper Waistworks, talk to Rolasa Oren, bribe to 80, talk to her about "guar hides", Recall, AI
-Talk to Nileno about guar hides, spam Advancement, talk to her about "business", "Bivale Teneran, goodbye, recall
-Go to Vivec, fly to Hlaalu canton plaza, go to Curio Manor, talk to him once and say bye, remove all clothes, talk to him about "business"
-Put Imperial Chain Cuirass on, recall

17. Ordal Helvi
-Go to Caldera, fly to Governor's Hall, go left and upstairs to Odral Helvi:
"sealed orders", bye
-Recall, go to Vivec, DI, enter Grand Council Chambers, unlock 2 doors (one is a wall), go to Underground Caves, kill and get Lord's Mail, exit
-Fly northwest to Assemanu, to Shrine, unlock chest for Robe of St Roris, AI
-Go to Hlaalu Canton and Curio Manor, talk to Crassius:
"sealed orders", bye
-Recall, go to Caldera, go Elmussa Damori's House, go upstairs, steal Contract from chest near window, exit
-Go to Governor's Hall, talk to Odral Helvi:
"sealed orders"
"Caldera mining contracts, Lie"
"erroneous documents", bye
-Recall, go to Vivec, go to Crassius:
"erroneus documents, give him the deed", bye
-Exit, go to Elven Nations Cornerclub, frenzy/kill Feruren Oran, enter Hlaalu Waistworks, go to Hlaalu Treasury, Vaults, talk to Baren Alen, purchase (barter) Land Deed talk to him about "erroneous documents, yes, thank you", bye
-Recall, go to Caldera, go to Odral Helvi
"erroneous documents, yes I have"
"rent and taxes (2x), yes here it is"
"shipment of ebony",bye

18. 555 We Tip
-Go to Vivec, AI, go to High Fane, talk to Archcanon about "Four Corners", bye
-Go to Hlaalu Plaza, go to Crassius:
"shipment of ebony", bye
-Recall, go to Sadrith Mora, DI, go to Anis Seloth, take Dispel Potion Formula from crate, exit
-Take boat to Tel Mora, go to Berwn, kill Corprus Stalker upstairs, buy Grandmaster's Retort from her, travel to Tel Aruhn
-Fly west to Nammu (near shore), kill Galmis Dren, take Ring of the Wind, exit
Fly northwest to Elith -Pal Mine (top part of the big line on the map) talk to Dangor "flin", bye, AI to Ald Ruhn
-Go to Manor District, then to Bivale Teneran, talk to her about "scroll, give her the scroll", bye and DI to Buckmoth
-Talk to Segunivus:
"shipment of ebony, truth, truth, give ebony"
-Go downstairs, talk to Imsin
"Advancement" spam
"Drinar Varyon, yes here it is"
"maiden's token", bye, recall

19. Stronghold
-AI, go to Hlaalu Council Manor, talk to Nileno
"Bivale Teneran", "business", "Ralen Hlaalo" 2x, bye
-Talk to Dondos Driler "stronghold", bye
-Recall, go to Vivec, DI to Ebonhart, go to Imperial Chapels, talk to Lalatia Varian: "lay member" "join the Imperial Cult, Join the Imperial Cult"
-Go downstairs, talk to Jules Truptor:
"I'm ready...", Keep talking to him and saying goodbye and giving him donations/other items until he has no more
-Go back up and talk to Lalatia
"Oracle's Quests"
"I swear to dedicate..." bye
-Talk to her again "Ring in Darkness" 2x
-Open dialogue til you see "Ice Blade of the Monarch", DI
-Fly up to Grand Council Chambers, talk to Duke Vedam Dren "construction contract, I vow..."
-DI, go to Hawkmoth Legion Garrison, talk to Frald:
"Advancement" spam
"courtesy", bye
-Recall, AI, go to Hlaalu Council Manor, talk to Dondos "Stronghold, yes here it is"
-Go all the way upstairs, train Mercantile to 25, talk to Dondos "stronghold", bye
-Rest ~4 days (until you get journal update), talk to him again about "stronghold," Recall, go to Sadrith Mora, AI to Molag Mar, take boat to Hla Oad
-Go to Fatleg's Drop Off, frenzy/kill both guys, take key, open chest and take all, exit
-Fly east to Odai Plateau, talk to Orc, AI
-Talk to Dondos "stronghold", bye and recall

20. Thieves Guild II / Artifacts
-Go to Sadrith Mora, talk to Tusamireil "potion recipe, here it is" bye,
-DI, go to Durty Muriel's Cornerclub, talk to Big Helende:
"potion recipe"
"Grandmaster's Retort" 2x, here it is
"hire a wizard", bye
-DI and go east to Omaren Ancestral Tomb, get Skull Crusher (save in front of chest to avoid paralysis), DI
-Go southwest to Abanabi, get Chrysamere, AI to Molag Mar
-Go to Hla Oad, then Gnaar Mok, fly north to kill 2 netch, fly southeast of Gnaar Mok to Aberanit, kill Dandsa, recall
-Go to Ald Ruhn, AI, fly to Ghostgate, do Shrine, go to Tower of Dusk, then lower level, talk to Salyn Sarethi
"riddles, i am ready" choose the bottom 3 times, bye
-Recall, go to Sadrith Mora, talk to Arielle:
"Hire a wizard, here they are", bye
-DI, go to Big Helende
"hire a wizard"
"Redoran Cooking Secrets, yes here it is"
"Advancement" spam
-Exit, go to Dagon Fel

21. Dagon Fel II / House Hlaalu Father
-Turn left and go to Vacant Tower, go up the ladder to take the Dwemer Scarab Plans, exit
-Go south to Sorkvild's Tower, go up the ladder, kill the nord, exit
-Fly to the South part of the island to Rotheran, Arena, kill Llaren Terano and take the Ice Blade, Ring, and Key, kill everyone around there, enter the arena and open the door on the right and open dialogue with Adusamsi twice, recall
-Go to Vivec, go to Hlaalu Plaza, go to Crassius, rest until you get journal update, talk to him "shipment of ebony" and spam "advancement", AI

22. Pilgrimages
-Take boat to Telvanni, fly to Ald Sotha
-Go to Lower level on left, kil Severa Magia and take 3 Sanguine items, go down to Shrine, kill Llandrale and take 3 more, use statue (shrine), AI, then DI to Ebonhart
-Go to Grand Council Chambers, talk to Duke Vedam Dren:
"control the Ordinators", bye
-DI, go to Hawkmoth Legion Garrison, talk to Frald:
"courtesy", bye
-AI, go to High Fane, talk to Archcanon:
"control the ordinators, yes here it is"
"Four Courners", bye
-Recall, AI, go to South Wall Cornerclub, talk to Sugar-Lips:
"jobs" or just "Nerano Manor"
"here it is"
"dwemer artifacts" 2x, here they are
"vintage brandy"
"New-Shoes Bragor", bye
-DI, talk to Radd: "Jocien", "orders", "Dandsa", "orders", "breeding netch" 2x, "orders" "Sorkvild" 2x, "Advancement" spam, bye
-Drop some armor if you're overencumbered
-AI, Go to silt Strider, to Suran, fly north to Bal Ur, to Underground, use the statue, DI to Pelagiad

23. Thieves Guild III
-Fly to Dren Plantation, Frenzy/weaken/kill Orvas Dren, DI
-Go to Halfway tavern, frenzy/kill Hrordis, take her Sanguine item, exit
-Go to Mebestian Ence, buy Dwemer Coherer, can sell worthless armor to him
-DI, enter Fort Pelagiad, talk to Shadbak:
"New-Shoes, how did you know...?"
"Let New-Shoes go", bye
-Drop Dwemer Coherer, Recall AI, go to South Wall, talk to Sugar-lips:
"South Wall", bye
-Exit, go to Hecerinde's House, talk to him about "South Wall", bye, exit
-Go to South Wall, talk to Sugar Lips:
"South Wall"
"Advancement" spam

24. Fighters Guild Done
-Go to Vivec,go down the Foreign Quarter, underwater to the Underworks, then to the Canalworks, go to Simine Fralinie, unlock door, talk to Jim Stacey:
"Nads Tharen, give him the key"
"help us fight"
-DI, go to Imperial Chapel, talk to Lalatia
Open and close dialogue til you see "Skull Crusher"
"Skull Crusher, continue 3x"
Open and close dialogue again, keep advancing
-Recall, go to Ald-Ruhn, talk to Edwinna:
"excavation report"
"Dwemer Tube, give her the Dwemer Tube
"blueprints" 2x, give her the blueprints
"Bethamez" 2x, yes here they are
"Advancement" spam
"Wizard's Staff" 2x, Buy a Wizard's Staff
-Exit, go to Fighter's Guild, talk to Percius:
"Elith-Pal Mine, yes"
"Advancement" spam
"Sjoring Hard-Heart"
"Help us fight, continue 2x", bye

25. House Hlaalu Done
-Go to Vivec, go down to Jim Stacey:
"help us fight"
"Bitter Cup", bye
-DI, go to Grand Council Chambers, talk to Varus:
"Advancement" spam
"Lord's Mail, give him the Lord's Mail"
"Chrysamere, give him Chrysamere"
"duel", bye
-Talk to Duke Vedam Dren:
"control the Ordinators"
"business" 2x, bye

26. Pilgrimages/Thieves Guild Done
-Exit, go to FG, talk to Eydis:
"Bitter Cup, give her the cup", bye
-Recall, go to Vivec, talk to Trebonius "Arch Mage, I will meet you", bye
-Exit, go to Jim Stacey:
"Bitter Cup"
"join our cause"
"Hrundi's woman", bye
-AI, go to Archcanon:
"Four Corners"
"Gambolpuddy", bye
-Recall, go to Sadrith Mora, DI, take boat to Dagon Fel
-Fly east to Ald Daedroth, go straight and up to the top, take the Pillow and Gambolpuddy, go down to Inner Shrine, use Statue, Recall, go to Sadrith Mora
-Enter Imperial Shrine, go down to the Fighters Guild, talk to Hrundi:
"join our cause", bye, AI to Molag Mar
-Fly north-northeast and use the shrine at Mount Assarnibibi
-Recall, go to Vivec,go to Jim Stacey:
"join our cause"
"Advancement" spam
"Sjoring Hard-Heart"
"jobs", bye

27. All Done
-Enter High Fane, talk to Endryn Llethan:
"join the Temple, join the Temple"
"seven graces", bye
-Talk to Archcanon:
"duties" spam until he says "you are the archcanon now", bye
-Exit, fly to Arena Canton, to Arena Waistworks, Canalworks, Storage, unlock door and trap door, talk to Eno Hlaalu:
"join the Morag Tong, let me in"
"join the Morag Tong"
Hand in all Sanguine items, spam "Advancement"
"Special duties"
"Dark Brotherhood" 2x
"special duties"
"Sanguine Fleetness, here it is"
"special duties"
"Movis Darys"
"special duties"
"special duties"
"Sanguine Sublime Wisdom, here it is"
"advancement" spam
"special duties"
"special duties"
"Ald Sotha"
"Advancement" spam
"Grandmaster, allow him to retire", bye
-AI, fly to Arena Pit, kill Arch Mage, exit and re enter, weaken/kill Varus