Old Timer and New Timer
4 years ago
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EDIT: Livesplit now pulls the updated load remover from github, which combines 1.0 and GoTY functionality in one file! This also means that you can use multiple versions in a single run.

Hey! There have been some changes to the way that the load removing timer works. Now, fade outs during exterior loads stop running the timer until you gain control of your character. This change was necessary because I found that the timer would run for longer if your computer's hardware was not as powerful. This is better because it makes the playing field even and drastically reduces "pay to win" that existed with the old timer.

Runs from before July 2019 have been marked as using the Old Timer on the leaderboards. So, any run after that should be a "New Timer" run.

And yes, at the time of writing, all categories have "time save", which will be greater if you have generally weaker hardware.

Here is how to get it:

  1. Open Edit Splits in Livesplit. Choose the game title properly (just "Morrowind" won't work)
  2. Activate the load remover/autosplitter. Press OK on the window.
  3. Right click the window of your splits, and under Compare Against, choose Game Time.
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