Basic Mörköpeli Speedrun guide
Basic Mörköpeli Speedrun guide
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This guide will cover tips & tricks for speedrunning different categories in Mörköpeli. You'll need some sort of recording software to record your runs if you want them to be accepted. For clarification, these are only my opinions so don't follow these blindly.

Basic tips.

  1. It is smart to place a beacon in your spawn and through your run so you will have an easier time navigating back. Also check for walls, boulders and the big tree in the middle of the map. These can give you and idea where you are on the map.
  2. Spamming the shift key is the most efficient way of running, but don't overdo it. It doesn't require a huge amount of taps per second to achieve the highest running speed.
  3. Increasing your monitor's brightness to a level in which you can easily navigate in the forest without other lighting is recommended.
  4. Listening to the Groke's grunts is usually a good way to tell where she's coming from, although I've had a few encounters where this wasn't correct.
  5. The Groke's "new strategies" are self-preservation & anticipation. These mean that the Groke AI is improved. Self-preservation, for example, makes her head to your spawn if you get too far away from her with the King's ruby. The anticipation, for example makes her run at random directions if you aim your gun at her.
  6. Beacons are rendered in a huge range. So if you have a sight line at it, you can see it pretty much from anywhere.
  7. The Groke is rendered in huge ranges, but even if she is, she'd usually go unnoticed since her model is pretty dark, unless if the environment is lit.
  8. Sadly, the guns and the King's ruby aren't rendered until you come more close to them. So going onto a huge bulge on the map wouldn't help you that much, because even if there would be a gun or the King's ruby in the distance, it wouldn't be rendered. But once you get close to them, they are hard to miss since the guns and the model of the moomin house have a shining cupola on top of them. One thing that distinguishes these from each other, is that the cupola on the guns are less bright.
  9. You can use the model of the moomin house as a indicator, like a flare, since it is pretty useless in speedrunning except for the All collectables.
  10. Lastly, the teapot. RNG has a huge affect if you'll find it, because it won't have a cupola or any other indicator around it. Usually, if you happen to point your flashlight at it, you'll see it.

So, for categories, let's get started with any%. In any%, your goal is to get the King's ruby and get to you spawn as quickly as you can. It may seem simple on paper, which it actually is, but there's a few things to note.

  1. If you spawn facing a wall, or encounter a wall head on while running, it is recommended to reset unless it's a longer run because turning makes you're route longer and makes you lose time and especially if the previous record is a solid time.
  2. The Groke will find you more easily, if your enviroment is lit by a flashlight, flare, etc. And if the Groke happens to stumble upon you mid-run, you will likely lose potential time since you might have to go around her or lose speed by being near him.
  3. avoid picking anything else than the ruby, unless it is a gun and the time loss isn't huge, since it is usually faster to just rotate around the Groke if she happens to stumble in your way. Note: this might be trickier on higher difficulties.
  4. If you step into a slushtrap it is usually smart to reset unless it is near the end of the run.
  5. After picking the King's ruby, the Groke will find you easier and start teleporting. So note that she might not be behind you even if you last saw her there.
  6. If the Groke music gets triggered, it won't have a huge affect if you start using lights, because she's already so close to you and it is easier to spot her in a lit environment.
  7. On Fierce and Brutal, after you pick the King's ruby, the Groke will head to your spawn unless she's really close to you. So if you lose her, she probably went to your spawn so you'll have to dodge her once you get there. In most scenarios, unless you're slowed down, going around her should do the trick.

Next is Kill the Groke. In Kill the Groke, your goal is to kill the Groke and get the King's ruby and go back to your spawn. Most of the tips listed above are valid for this as well, so i won't list them here.

  1. Once you've acquired a gun, using a light will make the Groke find you faster, which will increase the chance of her appearing in time. If you pick the King's ruby, she'll start to teleport so it is very likely that you'll encounter her anyways.
  2. It is favorable that you'd encounter the Groke before you find the ruby, so you are more likely to kill her before you get back to your spawn so that you don't have to play around there.
  3. If you're playing on Fierce or Brutal, the reload time is 15 seconds instead of 10. So you'll spend more time reloading than normally. On these difficulties, the Groke will also have her new strategies, so remember that if you point your gun at her at a bigger distance and she starts running around randomly, give your shot a little lead so you are more likely to hit her.
  4. Also if she happens to get to your spawn, the easiest strategy to counter this is to go there so she'll come at you, shoot, retreat until she goes back and repeat.
  5. Remember that each shot will increase her base speed. But it also gives a kind of a "stun" which slows her down for a bit. This is handy, because it makes her less likely to catch once you start running again after the shot. Also on Fierce and Brutal she'll have the ability to sprint, so it is better to keep your distance at her.

All collectables is pretty much the same as Kill the Groke, except you'll have to get the teapot and the model of the moomin house.

  1. You run has a bigger chance of succeeding if find either the gun, model or teapot in the very beginning.
  2. It is smart to spare at least one beacon for the teapot, unless you've already killed the Groke and you're able to collect it already.
  3. If you have a gun and find the teapot, it is not smart to just stand there and wait for the Groke. Try using this spare time to look around for other things you need to find.
  4. Running this category requires more RNG than others, so it is normal that it will take a long time to find a potential run.

Floodmode is a "secret" gamemode. Since I haven't unlocked this, I don't know much about this category so once i get my hands on this, I'll maybe fill this in :D

Ultimate Brutal is Same as a standard any% on Brutal difficulty, but this time you have to set your brightness and draw distance to the minimum, i.e. Brightness to 1 and Draw distance to 512.

  1. Since your draw distance is so small, finding the ruby is mostly just RNG
  2. You can still see shine that reflects onto the ground from beacons and the King's ruby.
  3. Since this is Brutal, remember that the Groke will most likely be awaiting you at your spawn after you get the King's ruby. So going around her can counter this
  4. Also this time it is extremely important to mark your path since your draw distance is so small.

From the miscellaneous category we'll cover Die to the Groke first. Die to the Groke is pretty self-explanatory. You just die to the Groke.

  1. It is smart to fire the flare in the very beginning, since light will help the Groke find you.
  2. Once the music triggers, try to spot her or locate her by her grunts.
  3. Once you see her, just run straight at her.

The final category we'll be covering is the Multiplayer.

In Multiplayer, you'll need a friend to play as Sniff or the Groke. The categories are mostly the same as before, so refer to those. There isn't really anything special to add to these. A few important things are that it is very recommended that you hide your IP-address. This can be done by pressing H before starting the game. Also "cheesing" is allowed so the one playing Groke doesn't need to "try" to catch Sniff or anything. Actually, the Groke may aid Sniff to find items. It isn't required for both of the players to record the run. It is enough if only one records.

If you don't understand some parts, you can refer to the runs on this site.

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