Runs Based on Version
4 years ago
Kentucky, USA

Hello, I am Leafeon, and I'm trying to join the speedrunning community for However, I've noticed a few inconsistencies with runs made in different times or versions. It can be easier or more difficult to complete a speedrun based on your version. It comes in a few forms, like different foods being able to be eaten by different tiers, new areas releasing, etc. This is why I propose that there are two different categories. Category 1: Newest Major Version and Category 2: Older Version. The first category would be the mainstream runs on the current version of with the desert, ocean, arctic, and land.* The second category would be older versions with different physics and gameplay. I hope you take this thread into consideration and try to see how my idea would work. If it doesn't work for some reason, that's fine, but thanks for reading anyway. *There will probably be new regions added to, so don't quote me on this.

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