Is The Run still active?
4 years ago

Im just wondering is this section dead if not i will submit a run on 150cc gp1


I think all sections are up. This one could be dead, because a little people play this game

Hmm. There is still some yt videos to this day tho. Idk maybe i could submit a run but idk are glitch shortcuts allowed.

Saxony, Germany

Just submit, idk why you shouldn't :D I'm here, I'm active on, so just go ahead. :D

Saxony, Germany

Also yes, glitches are allowed.

Saxony, Germany

I added it to the rules, so the question should not come up again ^^

Aight ty fam. i cant use obs because my pc is trash idk what recording software do i use

also can i post a fan discord server i made for this game? The game is getting a remaster on steam in 10 days with online btw!

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