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7 months ago

Maybe this was already known but using my very very rudimentary tas skills developed tonight i decided i wanted to test ideas on the ?. Did a quick run and beat the first boss waited as to not despawn the ? walked directly below it and started testing jumping on diff frames. Ive thought for a while the ? changed constantly and it does unless i did something very wrong. There are 5 values the ? can be 2k pts, 5k pts, 10k pts, health and bert. the game will cycle thru this order with each value having a set # of frames.

2k pts for 6 frames

5k pts for 4 frames

10k pts for 2 frames

health for 2 frames

bert for 2 frames.

Not sure i have the knowledge to test if its this starts at power or game start or where but just shows what a complete gamble those pills are. would be very hard to manip real time in my opinion.

hope this helps someone or leads to another discovery

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That's cool.

Assuming that just continues to cycle over and over, can just think of it as:

1:8 chance for health

1:8 chance for bert

6:8 chance for points

From what I've played, it does seem like it's points more often than not, so this makes sense.

Anything that can be done to manipulate this..... that's a great question! Obviously, getting all the lucky berts is what we'd all love to do, and maybe it opens an idea of maintaining bert on entire levels that weren't fathomed before.

Or, making sure you don't get pills for a Mark only run >:)

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