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Responding to frogyfro's post

1: I asked an information seeking question 15 days ago and got a response 5 days ago.
2: I do not refresh the X7 board daily waiting for responses.
3: I consulted with staff before making this change.

> I'm sure you understand.


I think you guys should be using either US - PC or a variable to denote which PC version. Given lack of a traditional US version, the flag would make the most sense to me. It should be somehow evident in the display that it's not equivalent to the native version, as I think this is what much of the disagreement revolved around in the first place.

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I know that this post have big time without entries, but I wonder if ps2 should be in a different category: that "The_sid" said is true, the differente that load screens made between pc and ps2 is about 15 minutes.
In the current tier list:
the 6th place "01:06:59" PC
the 7th place "01:21:53" PS2

that means that is almost impossible that a ps2 run beat pc times, and the same for mega man x8, I'm considering separate both versions on different cattegoryes for mmx8.
Other option that is higly recommended to set the faster run between plataforms is use IGT cause the game stop the timer in load screens "in case of leave pc and ps2 together". so ps2 runners wont gain 1+minute of each stage even if they were perfectly executed.

So mmx7 and x8 musn't have different rules casue both have pc and ps2 versions, both uses RTA and both have the tier list with the console and pc mixed even with the big disvantage of the console.
I wanna know the opinion of the x7's staff cause you all have good opinions about rules