My Arcade Mega Man
2 months ago
Utah, USA

I've looked a lot of places for the My Arcade Mega Man speedrun leaderboards but I haven't found any. It appears that there isn't a way to say you played said version of the game, too -- you take less damage and stuff, like Mega Man Anniversary Collection's Easy Mode.

Any clue where I would find the leaderboards/category for this version of the game?


Well, Mega Man in Arcade mode there are two games:

Mega Man: The Power Battle

Mega Man: The Power Fighters

Those ones are Arcade and their gameplay are mode for fighting style. So, when Mega Man Arcade style is mentioned I can tell that those 2 games mentioned before are official. The MM Anniversary Collection goes only for NES-Famicom stuff in this leaderboard. The MM Legacy Collection has its own leaderboard.

Try checking this page:

The link is the official Megaman page in speedrun leaderboards to browse all the options you want and resolve your doubts. Thanks for your understanding.

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Ok... the MM Anniversary Collection leaderboard you can find it here:

Utah, USA

No, I know those exist but that's not what I'm asking.

Look up "MyArcade Mega Man". It's a very tiny arcade machine (officially licensed) that you can purchase. The first six Mega Man games are on it -- I'm requesting a leaderboard for it as it plays differently (at least from what I've played).


Well, if u want a different leaderboard you should do a request thru SRC (by requesting a new game option), giving all the info you know, giving all the details needed. Probably it could be part of the Mega Man series, and if it is classic, better. So, it depends if the idea is acceptable or not for a new leaderboard in SRC. Good luck.

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