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Hey everyone,i start learning Glitchless and i get to goron race,and then i cant complete the race, in my first playthrough i get it first try,is there any tips for the race?


hi, the goron race is completely rng


Sorry guys, didn't see this post until now.

The gorons race under rubberbanding rules. This means that the better you do, the better the gorons do. Vice versa, the slower you are, the slower the gorons are.

The general advice is that you want to make sure you avoid the ramps. Oftentimes, if you get hit by another goron while in the air, you'll get knocked over. You want to keep an eye on your magic meter. You can skip pots here and there, but if you run out, that's not usually a good sign. Try to cut corners as much as you can, but don't cut corners that you can't reliably cut (there's one corner at the end of the tree section that can be difficult to stay close to the wall on, for example).