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I've been talking to ingx24 about having a No Major Skips category. I think it would be super cool and yea the route would be like super old, but it would interesting because you could add in modern strats.
Here are some rules I thought of:

No CS skips
No OoB
No SoT Storage
No Index Warp
No Alternate Exit

This is probably super similar to Bug Limit, but idk anything about Bug Limit.
Anyways, I would think it was cool if NMS was a category and I would definitely run it.

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Yeah this is super similar to bug limit, I would rather a no isg category if anything, I don't think MM is at that point where it has an insanely broken glitch that there can be it's own category based around limiting the use of said glitch. It works great for OoT and aLttP but this would be way too similar to bug limit imo, especially with No OoB in there.


I don't see this ever getting added here as an official category. But maybe it could be something to consider adding to SpeedRunTools. which has categories for just about everything.