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In this video a guy skips everything with cheats. Maybe you can do some of this stuff in an RTA. LET'S START BREAKING THIS GAME!

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I wish this game would go down a little bit (1 - 2 hour range) Too bad this game is too polished 🙁 There might be some chance to bring this game down still: There is a guy called: Really_Tall, he killed Partners in Time, he skipped so much and brought down the game a lot! Maybe he could try this game and find a lot of skips too 🙂 There is still some hope left!


^ Maybe add a shorter category for reaching like half of the game or something? It may sound dumb but I feel like it would be useful for runners that don't have much time


Nobody is stopping you from running the game the way that you want. If you find it fun/only have time to run only half of the game then do it! You shouldn't need confirmation by having your time placed on a leader board if you truly are having fun playing a game.

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I agree, I love this game and would totally be interested in glitch hunting and running it. If other people are seriously interested I’ll probably go buy another copy of the game to help out. This game deserves more love.

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