Moving Block Clipping Glitch
2 years ago
United States

dont know if this has been documented yet lol

Edited by the author 2 years ago

Neat! I've seen a lot less ways to get OOB with Bowser than M+L, this is a cool find!


Huh interesting discovery. How come we never found out about it before?

United States

I have no idea. The lineup is pixel perfect so that could be a reason.

Maine, USA

One day somebody will find a speedrun useful glitch..... right?

"This video is unavailable"

I guess that answers your own question =|


When capture card arrives I can try to replicate the glitch in case the original poster doesn't want their own video to be public for some reason. I remember what the glitch was, shouldn't be too hard. Either way it was useless anyway.

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