Question about Kratos/PS3/Emulation
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Question about Kratos/PS3/Emulation


I recently got back to the game and i've been grinding a while, and as always, i like to spend some time doing my research to see if there is anything faster than the current Johnny Cage thing and by doing a quick comparison i realised that Kratos is actually the fastest character, to explain this, i'll leave the info below:

Johnny Cage (supposedly fastest character):

Average round: 12s27s Fastest Kintaro/Goro round possible: 20s Average Shao Kahn round: 32s~35s Best Shao Kahn round possible: 28s


Average round: 11s23s Fastest Kintaro/Goro round possible: 20s Average Shao Kahn round: 29s~33s Best Shao Kahn round possible: 26s

Basically, a godlike run with Kratos would be able to hit 5:0X, i even dare to say it's possible to sub 5 with him. The whole problem is, as we all already know, Kratos is a PS3 exclusive character and there is no way to import him to the PC version with mods or anything, the only alternative being RPCS3, which by the way it recently got a great update that allows the game to run smoothly at 60fps on any mid-end PC. With all that being said, i'd like to start a discussion about which alternative would be the best, allow emulator? separated categories? keep in mind that sooner or later this would become a subject of debate.

I think emulator would be cool actually