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So I picked up this game yesterday after playing the WiiU version on release for a week and never playing it again, now I feel really motivated to play it and get good.

1. What's the best setup for inward drifting? I grew up with MKWii, I always sucked at DD and 7 because I'm bad at "normal" drifting, and I find inward drifting much cooler anyway. My setup right now is Rosalina/Comet/Leaf/Parachute because I heard that mini-turbo is important (tested it and yea feels better than pure speed), but I'm not sure if that's the best option for inward drifting as well. I heard Waluigi etc. are used way more often but the traction of Rosalina etc. are so much better, I have trouble to deal with slippery courses like Dry Dry Desert or Bone-Dry Dunes.

2. Do bikes (or karts or whatever) with the exact same stats also have the same drifting behaviour? That's what I thought, but Yoshi Bike feels a little weird compared to comet.

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The setup you mentioned seems pretty solid! Personally, and from a statistical standpoint (I don't play with inward bikes very often, haha), the only thing I'd swap out is the Leaf tires for Rollers, just to have that extra little bit of Handling and Mini-Turbo (MT) charge rate. It's up to preference whether you want that or sacrificing a tiny bit of MT for a slight advantage while driving through Anti-Gravity via Leaf tires, though, so experiment with both if needed!

Character-wise, I feel Rosalina is better than Waluigi since inward-drifting bikes can't provide as much MT power and handling as some karts do, therefore lighter characters can help make mini-turbos and corners more achievable, especially in 200cc.

No clue on the 2nd question though. I think that it's just a "feel different, yet technically the same" kind of scenario. I've seen players asking a similar question about the Biddybuggy kart and the Mr. Scooty outward drift bike: two vehicles with the exact same stats, yet they "handle differently" even though they're pretty much the same thing. 😛


thanks! I was trying to get a good time on Big Blue which is completely anti-gravity so I used the leaf tires, rollers make sense on most other tracks I guess.

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