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(32 track no item category)

they save way too much time on the loading screens, so a run on digital that is slower than one on disc can still make up over a minute for it by doing absolutely nothing. it's simply not fair.


This has been discussed on the discord. Staff ended up keeping SSD and digital times on the boards, but made people start submitting the version they use with their runs (so runs could be displayed by version).

I did various WR runs in 200cc on SSD loads (digital copy is saved on an external solid state drive) because others were doing so with weak runs that were being accepted as the meta by outsiders (and not mentioning it in their run descriptions). If I had to buy all the materials to do it (a SSD, a case, and a specific type of usb cable), it would have been a $60 investment in addition to buying the digital version of MK8. Luckily I already owned a few of those things.

I made the choice to not to use SSD loads on 150cc runs because I was certain the existing runs were better skillwise than me. However it was only a matter of time before someone chose to do it. Seems Zakkk got the idea to bring it to 150.

Generally in speedgames, the fastest version is the one people do speedruns on (think that whole 'Chinese cheat-box' thing a few years ago with OoT). So I believe internal-digital should be allowed in general, as it's an official version of the game from nintendo. You're really just handicapping yourself if you choose disc over it. I would support the banning of SSD loads in runs, however, as it's a needless $60+ investment that needs to be made in order to grab a WR.

EDIT: Here is some info on total load times in a 48 track 200cc run via Quinn

SSD: ~7:17
Digital: 9:16
Disc(JPN): 9:48
Disc(PAL): 10:27


Shit, I have a PAL disc only. Had no idea so much time could be lost.


Note that I made that post way before I also became a moderator. I wasn't against digital version (and I still am not), I just posted that for the people who were interested in the differences. Not allowing digital versions is a bad idea in my opinion because nowadays many people own a digital copy. Some people buy that version before they even get into speedrunning. But the same goes for people who got disc before they started speedrunning. It's not fair for those who have to deal with slow loading but in the end its about self improvement aswell.


Hey I thought about that tread and something that could be interesting for everybody and put every runner on the same foot is to add the in-game time on the leaderboard, that time will take out the loading screen time so everyone will be equal


I've been wondering... why dosen't someone figure out the total load times for each category on both versions and convert runs to in-game time that way? (Although it would be a lot of work)


Or just the runner himself must calculate is in-game time. Take off all the loading time (only the white screen, not the waiting for Lakitu to give the start, because it's the same speed)


Loading times vary each time. Even if you run digital, you can still lose/gain seconds over your previous time due to loading being different each time. The post I made a long time ago which those timing (top of the post) and it shows that the load times a just to random.


SnipinG117, that's the point of including the ingame time to take out as much possible the ''RNG loading time'' and the unfair advantage digital has over disc.


I know that, but I dont think that every runner wants to time out all of the loading. There are people who are not able to capture either.


Even if it is not perfect, subtracting the average load times from each run would make everyone's times a lot more accurate relative to other runners' times. This way, people can still play on their version of choice while not getting way faster times. Also, it's pretty simple to implement compared to the alternatives (banning load types, manual tracking of load times, etc.).


The problem with subtracting average loading times is that the final time will not be accurate at all, as not every speedrun of this game would be close to the average loading times, especially with more than three types of loading the game could have (SSD, Digital, and Physical, and this is not including the variations of them). It's best to find a timing method that would take out loading times altogether or keep the loading times within the run as they are.

We all know the problem with the latter is that SSDs are obviously the best for short loading times, but not every person running the game can afford it in addition to a Digital copy of the game (which is an official release) and a Wii U in order to run the game to achieve the fastest possible time. And the only way to really subtract loads from speedruns of this game is likely an autosplitter or something that keeps track of the game time without the loads. It's a really huge dilemma in order to have everybody in the community to have equal ground when running this game.

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We could use an autosplitter to get rid of loads like DKC: Tropical Freeze does but I don't know how to make one.


It's gross that the loading times are inconsistent even just for disc. Sometimes its 16 sec, other times 22. Why, nintendo. Cater to competiive!

also, whats column I for in the google doc snowdog posted?