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With the release of 200cc and the second MK8 DLC Pack as of April 23rd, many new additions have been added to the MK8 leaderboard:

- 200cc has been added as a variable for submitting your 200cc runs.
- The "40 Tracks" category (along with "No Items") has been removed.
- "48 Tracks" and "48 Tracks (No Items)" have been added as new categories.
- "DLC Tracks" has been added as a new category.
- "Crossing Cup" and "Bell Cup" have been added as new misc categories.

Thanks everyone for your continuing feedback and support, and here's to more runs!


Thanks for your work making all this for us 😃 question though, submitting a run under a category with 200cc wouldn't overwrite my 150cc run for that same category on the leaderboard would it?


I think the leaderboards will only show your fastest time, UNLESS you change the filter at the top of the page to only show 150cc runs, at which point it will show your fastest 150cc run.