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Emu has slower loading times.
Or it can be a seperate category, like Super Mario 64.


Uhh, because Cemu isn't 100% accurate? Like, nowhere near?

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What do u mean by accurate? Ok, Cemu is very young, but MK8 is currently 100% playable @ constant 60FPS w/ little lag. It does lag on load, so it's not a pain for console players. There's no reason not to add it. Why do I use it? I don't have a WiiU and I used a friend's disk.
I've seen other WiiU games ran on Cemu, including a streamer who ran SM3DW since 1.5.0. It's been a while since then and Cemu has been optimized a lot. SpeedrunS are totally doable.
I can record a footage of the gameplay If u like to see it.


Ok. Saw a post below. Here.are some things.
1. As far As I'm concerned,Cemu doesn't support cheat codes and would likely crash If you somehow try to inject it.
2. Cemu does have a shorter load animation, but then it would freeze for a long time before the track loads.
3. The framerate would drop to 58-59 now and then so even If it didn't lag enough on load it still doesn't gain time over console.


the point is emulator just isn't accepted very well in ¤most¤ speedrun communities. if you wanna run, get the fucking console. i've seen way too many of your "emulator this" and "emulator that" arguments and i'm sick of it. arguing to make it legal is only gonna make people not like you. so shut up and find another fucking hobby if you can't fucking run on console


U know, the sad fact is, that's who I am. U cannot change it. Every run I do will have that [Emu]on the top right. Kill me.
U realize that I can always choose another game. I left NSMBW to learn NSMB. I'm here because I like MK8. I can totally leave now and go run MK7. Citra's making progress too.
And, u don't have to respect me at all, but I think Cemu deserves more respect than a bunch of F words, for all the effort the team is putting into it.


I think you have a point but I'm not sure you'll be able to convince the mods


We have no plans on allowing emulator any time soon

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Cemu wasn't made (or at least isn't ready) for speedruns. I know for a fact botw physics are really buggy, and who knows what weird speed boosts cemu might give you. Maybe emu will be allowed when the emulators become more accurate, but for now cemu just can't be trusted for speedrunning.

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can't you set it to hide emu by default


The emulator is very accurate 1 year later and it runs perfectly at 60 FPS for this game at least, except for some textures rendering problems. No reason to not accept it now.


By the way i don't see how this would be less legit than the hundred of people who submit runs without video proof on this leaderboard, hum.


Ill accept emu runs but they'll have to be accompanied with video proof

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@SnipinG117 Why except runs wthout video made on console when you can't except runs without video made on emulator? You're fine until top 5 videos without proof, but when emulator is involved NOW you want proof? I don't really know that much about emulation, but I don't see any logic in that, if you trust people so much not doing fake submissions, what makes emu users so much more untrustworthy?
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it's a lot easier to record with an emulator for one thing

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True. But that still doesn't make sense if you already don't need proof without emulator. Getting a really good computer that can run Wii U games properly while recording might be very expensive, and from my experience it's both easier and cheaper just getting a captire card. For those who already have a good computer, lucky them, but you can say the same for prople that already has a capture card but a not so powerful computer. There's no unfairness require video proof from people playing on console. It's just good to proof it, and even people on a lower rank doesn't want their place stolen from someone that maybe didn't even run the game.


cemu isnt as optimized compared to something like dolphin.