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Bought digital but for some reason my load screens still slower lol


Bought digital but for some reason my load screens still slower lol


Bought digital but for some reason my load screens still slower lol


Bought digital but for some reason my load screens still slower lol


Originally posted by Bazralian Bought digital but for some reason my load screens still slower lol

Did you post this 5 times to try to bother me or did you get a lagspike or something


King-you can make a wii and wii U as separate categories in mkwii (which you run) But can't make separate categories here (which you don't run)... BS


shows that you care when a version gets a boost that you run... pathetic moderating


They're not separate categories, Wii/Wii U are just listed as platforms you can play MKW on. The fact that you can filter by runs for one of the platforms is a byproduct of how leaderboards work.


and most games have separate categories for loading times... shitty moderating


There are 516 runs right now for MK8. Even if the moderators wanted to split up the category for digital/physical, there'd still be the matter of who would go through all those runs and determine which run accounts for a small category based on a minuscule variable.

Get off your high horse already about this whole deal. No speed runner is going to use the slowest version of the game to speed run. It all comes down to the fact that a speed run is simply a way to complete a game in the FASTEST method possible.


What's actually shitty is when a person tries to make the community toxic by mocking other runners' runs because they're unhappy. You're also using the digital edition, so you're on the same level as other runners that use it.

Let's just create a special category so everyone can be winners and have trophies! Yayyyy!

Now, back to work lol.


you are using a fucking hard drive... still 1:30+ faster than digital in full run


what's shitty is how much ur records suck


It's just a game, if you value WR to be more important than your own personal improvement, then you're speedrunning for the wrong reasons.


Alright, beat his world records if you find them shitty.


Hey, haven't been running for a while because of this cd slower loading crap, but i was wondering why would you not calculate IGT instead. Yes it takes more time because there is no actual in-game timer and all the tracks time would need to be timed after the run, but it would make runs time fair for everybody.
This is something mk64 leaderboard does (tho mk64 actually have an igt) and it works quite well.

Regarless of what you guys intent to do, you guys need to take action to even out the versions because it stops quite a few runners from actually having competitive time. I personally do not run this game since like a month after the realese because of this even tho i would love too, but i just feel cheated.

I hope you guys can take actions for this.


I think you're missing the point entirely Obiyo, I started out using a physical copy of the game, and I even did speedrun attempts on it before I moved onto Digital. At the time I wasn't going for fastest times, just beating my own time until I was relatively close to Videowiz's time. Once I got my 1:42 in 48 tracks I moved on from physical to digital. What I'm saying is it's not the end of the world if you run on a slower copy of the game, but if you happen to be close enough to the top times you should make the switch from physical to digital.

Also Bazralian you should probably get your Wii U checked because you're the only person I know experiencing this problem.


Obiyo, going with IGT in this game would be really unlikely. It is hard to figure out, and that would mean that many runs on the leaderboards lose their status since those don't have IGT calculated. The reason it's hard to do so is because loading will always differ, they are just inconsistent, even on digital they still vary.

You say you are just a beginner to the game, so I must say that you shouldn't be worrying about the time difference between digital and physical copy. Many people tend to forget that self improvement is also important. Having a 1:20 on Physical or a 1:19 in Digital won't mean that your run in automatically better in digital. Its not about the time, its about your own execution in the run. If you however do care much about getting top times, then you have to invest for it. That is what it takes to get top times. If you so happen to already have purchased Digital, then you're lucky. If not, you gotta invest in your speedgame. Same reason I had to buy a different console and equipment for Ocarina Of Time which I run aswell.

Coming back to the IGT topic, I don't think many people would be motivated enough to calculate the IGT for every PB they get, since it would take alot of time, and there is no way of determining a set amount of time for loading on the different version, therefor it would just be so inconvinient so implement it.


To AeonFrodo's remark - I'm planning to do the same thing. I currently run on the disc copy (I got it in the MK8 Wii U bundle) and I've decided that if I ever get to be within 2 minutes of 3rd place's time that it would be worth it for me to fork out another 60$ since I'll then be at a point where my times are actually relevant to the community instead of only relevant to my personal improvement. As it stands my PB is 1:42:37 and even taking the 2 mins of loading off of that I'm a good 7+ minutes behind 1st, so there's definitely at LEAST another 5+ minutes I can save (through improving at the game) before I need to switch to digital to be "competitive".

The way I see it is that really you should just be aiming to be the best you can possibly be, the extra 2ish minutes of loading time are literally entirely irrelevant unless they'd be the difference between you fighting for the top ranks in the scoreboard or not.

All that being said I have a semi-related question: If/when I do buy the digital copy, the DLC that I've purchased will still function - correct? I just wanna make sure it doesn't do something like check for a specific copy of MK8 to be running, and that it's just tied to my account/Wii U.