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In case you have not known digital has 2-4 second faster loading screens so ppl with disc are at a disadvantage... Just check videowiz egg cup and mine his loading screens way fast

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Thanks for raising this concern. It annoys me that there are way faster records than mine and others just because of loading.

So I agree.

You could easily do this:

150cc Digital
150cc Disk
200cc Digital
200cc Disk


I can acknowledge that there are different loading times for disc vs digital versions of the game, and I would be rather interested to see exactly how much it can factor into a run. But there are some things that concern me when it comes to this topic...

First I'll say that DLC cups have a different load time compared to regular cups albeit disc or digital versions. That is simply because the game is loading the tracks off of whatever you have the DLC downloaded to. The only thing the game needs to load is character models and such.

Which brings me to my second issue, which would be what exactly /is/ the game loading off of? First there's obviously the disc itself, then comes the digital version which has many different factors to it on its own. You can either have the game installed directly on the system and run off that or, in my case, have an external hard drive connected to the Wii U's USB 2.0 ports and load off of that. But then you also have to factor in how fast external hard drives can transfer data to the Wii U and how well they compare to other hard drives.

Overall I highly doubt this suggestion will go through simply because it would be too much work on the mods to go through all the already submitted times and separate them depending on their load times. I know exactly where you're coming from when you say that my load times are faster than yours, and I'll admit they are, but that is the point of a speed run--to beat a game with the intent of completing it as fast as possible.

TL:DR good suggestion with valid points, but a speed run is meant to be fast


You have some very good points. There are differences between different usbs/hard drives. And I guess overall the main intention is to be as fast as you can, not be the fastest.


The only reason I think something like this could be worth it if the load time difference was something ridiculous. There are so many possible factors that there's really no point. Plus, if it matters that much, then you could just buy the digital version yourself.


Well heres the main response to that. Why would I buy the game again if I already have it? I feel like having an extra $60 is more important then a speedrun.


Originally posted by PatrickPower2013Well heres the main response to that. Why would I buy the game again if I already have it? I feel like having an extra $60 is more important then a speedrun.

Then you'll just have to deal with the slight load differences.


Well I ca tell you for s fact it is not slight. All the time adds up in runs like 32 and 48. I consider my times WR on disk. Loading times suck.


Originally posted by PatrickPower2013Well I ca tell you for s fact it is not slight. All the time adds up in runs like 32 and 48. I consider my times WR on disk. Loading times suck.

Sorry don't know why I wrote slight.

You can consider anything a WR if you want, in the end it doesn't change anything.

It wouldn't be easy to make changes as I've said since a. the board is clogged already, b. i can't just change all of the previous runs to account for a version variable without knowing which run was done on which version, and c. the differences and what factors are involved aren't clear.

So yeah, you guys can keep trying to prove points against me or make up your own categories, but at the end of the day things aren't going to change until all of those problems are cleared up, which probably won't happen. I know it sucks that these load issues are a thing, but there's only so much I know and can do.


I guess whenever something new/better comes up something older gets worse. In the end I guess you can't do much about it. In the end speed running is just comparing times yourself isn't it? It doesn't really matter if you have a record or not.


I have done some timings for the Disc VS Digital.
The way I timed the loading was the start of the race until the moment you skip the cutscene for the stage. The only time this is a big difference is upon starting the first race.
Digital: 14-15 sec (consistent 14 sec)
Disc: 16-22 (very inconsistent, mostly 18-19 sec)

After finishing a race and skipping the cutscene the loading is a bit smaller:
Digital: 8-9 seconds (very rarely 10 sec)
Disc: 12-16 sec (I have seen 10-11 sec only once in my run, fluctuates alot, 14 occurs the most)

I compared my run to Burk's run (Since I know he uses digital). Using my timing for loading, I timed Burk's run to have 4:59 of loading time, my run has 6:50 loading time. Nearly 2 min difference.

If we compare digital's average loading VS disc's average loading, digital still gains 120-140 seconds over disc.

Just wanted to share my findings on the load differences I found so far. If anyone wants to add anything to what I have found so far then post it here.

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At this rate, we'll need categories for 5400 vs 7200 rpm external drives as well, since they'll have different load times compared to the internal flash memory. lulz. who knew speed running would have such drama? 😃


I dont care enough about the loading stuff since I dont run MK8 too seriously, however, I think that the leaderboards could perhaps have an option which shows if you used Disc or Digital. The same way Wind Waker shows if they used Tingle Tuner or not:

Just a little suggestion though.

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I agree with Sniping. There should be a tick box asking if you used digital or disk so that it shows which one you used on the board.

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it's honestly ridiculous the amount of times i provide a reasonable answer to a request

then someone "suggests" the exact same thing

then the same people (whos suggestion i already replied to) come back and hop on the same bandwagon

is it really that difficult to make sure something hasn't already been suggested rather than be ignorant and repeat the same things over and over again

someone: "suggestion"
me: "im gonna have to reject this request sorry"
someone else: "same suggestion"
same people from the last suggestion: "i agree!"

please stop, its stressful enough having a bunch of people making suggestions i simply cant add to the board. REPEATING THEM OVER AND OVER WILL NOT CHANGE ANYTHING.


To be honest I don't see repeats. People seem to be saying more reasonable ideas like a tick box which I know is not hard to do on a leaderboard.


Bought digital but for some reason my load screens still slower lol