8 years ago

So as of 2/12/2016, we implemented the new subcategories that have been on for a while. Wtih this, we do no longer need to use variables, and shows the correct placement on a category on your own profile. For example, No items 150cc would show 1st place but on that persons profile, it would show 20th for example due to 200cc also being sort of merged in the leaderboards. Now, this is no longer an issue.

I'd like to address, that Admins have done all the work to this so, if there is a time misplaced/missing, do let us know in this post. I've only found 1 misplaced time as of now, so if you noticed that one or more of your or someone else's time(s) is/are missing just leave a comment.

Maryland, USA

They talked about doing that for 5 months. Glad to see it finally happen. Enjoy your 150cc Wirld Reckys everyone!