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So for anyone who hasn't heard, Nintendo is having their world championships again this year. The qualifiers are in Mario kart 7, hence why I came here. For the 13+ age group, you have to have the fastest time on bowser castle 1 gba using bowser with all standard parts(standard body, wheels, and super glider). This is done in time trials. could anyone help me practice to get better at the stage? I've already gotten to having a 1.22 average and a 1.21.194 as my best time. I got the lava respawn glitch down(at least, I know how to do it), but i've seen multiple videos where people ride the walls and I don't know if its possible with standart set. anyone who would be able to just help me with the route and help me practice would be super helpful, my discord is codecraft587 and i can use some other platform if it would be easier. Link to the official page:


Someone said in the MK discord that it's possible to ride the wall if you're very parallel to it.


I don't think you can do the glitch with the standard set