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The tournament dream has finally come true. Here it is : . It will be All Cups, GLITCHLESS, and registration is up until December 31st.
Good luck to everyone 🙂


im in, probably not going to stream them (since its hard to get a good camera angle because i dont have a capture card, and i have bad internet), but it wont matter anyway because my pb is a 1:27:28 and sob is 1:26, but good luck to everyone anyway!


I'm in but when is the tournament? it is not stated in the desription or did i completly missed it?


It starts in January 2018, I guess it’s like sign up December, then round robin any time January (just organise it with your opponent) and then final bracket in February? Idk


I won't really be able to do it in Feb because that's when school starts, and when Europeans and Americans have time to play I'm either at school or asleep. However during the school holidays I can play basically all day due to my retarded sleep schedule, so...

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Yeah I think we might finish the tournament early February or late January, judging by the amount of players.


@RacingGamer you need to join the MK7 Speedrunning discord, that way we can organise your races a lot easier
link to the discord is in the challonge description