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my first runs of this have been pending for a week now. please get more moderation for this leaderboard


It's not that. The admins for this website say a month is the max amount of time a run should be waited. I submitted a run for DKJR on October 7, and it still hasn't been verified. There could be other runs the mods need to verify as well.


I haven't had time to watch videos, and as your runs include 1.5 hours of video total, I haven't been able to get to them. Any recent runs with a video I haven't got to yet due to that. But I suppose requesting to be a mod for a game that you are pretty much unknown in works too lol.


You really don't have any case unless your run hasn't been verified for more than three weeks, since when uploading a run, it is noted that it may take up to that amount of time for a run to be verified. Please be patient.

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