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I'm thinking of running this game, i don't think i'll be good but i think it'll be fun, are there any rules on if NTR viewer is allowed to record gameplay?


No rules are set on this game yet, but NTR is known to make other games run faster, so I think it will be banned if Lafungo ever comes here again.
Though, runs without video are fine here as long as you don't get WR, so it doesn't prevent you from submitting your times 🙂


I'm not familiar with what NTR is. Please explain.


NTR is a hack for N3DS/2DS that lets you wirelessly stream 3DS gameplay to your PC, allowing for easy and cheap recording/streaming.

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^ That, but since it needs overclocking to actually record gameplay, it makes the game run at a higher framerate than usual. Which is actually kinda sad, because that would've been a good way to record runs otherwise


Sounds like a cool hack, but the overclocking/higher frame rate means that it isn't acceptable for speedruns.


I don't think it runs at a higher framerate, it just reduces load times by a little bit.


it does neither require to overclock your device, nor runs games at a higher framerate / load games faster unless you activate certain cheats / additional functionalities.
NTR Streaming by itself, if anything, lowers the framerate & load speeds, as it's running another application on your 3ds.
You're effectively putting yourself at a disadvantage compared to an inbuilt capture unit.
(You can see this most effectively with SNES VC, where NTR makes the game drop to 3fps)

Originally posted by cros107a hack for N3DS/2DS that lets you wirelessly stream 3DS gameplay to your PC

1.It's not a hack, it's custom firmware
2.Streaming is only available to New 3DS & New 2DS, as both 3DS & 2DS don't have the processing power necessary.

there's no reason to not allow it.
if there's doubt, one can require per rules that the menu has to be shown if using it,
as to ensure that no cheats are activated.

but while we're at the topic of this, @Lafungo could you please add N3DS to the platforms list?
to make it clickable, click the "show obscure" button.

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It apparently messes with loads in Kirby Triple Deluxe so I believe it could affect certain games


well if someone does have NTR and mk7, they could test it


No, while NTR doesn't overclock the 3DS, it enables the extra RAM in N3DS and N2DS, which MK7 doesn't use normally. Gameplay is still capped at 60fps but loading times are decreased. If anything it might speed up the 1 or 2 lightly laggy sections of tracks but it will barely make a difference.


No you need a hacked N3DS or N2DS.

edit: wait yeah you can only stream to PC


Given how there isn't a clear consensus here on exactly what NTR does and its potential impact on MK7 speedruns, I'm going to say it isn't allowed. However, if someone can provide conclusive evidence that shows that NTR does not give any kind of speedrunning advantage for MK7, I see no reason to continue banning it.

I've also added N3DS as a selectable platform.


Just a few notes I'd like to provide: I did a quick comparison of how long it took from me pressing A on Toad Circuit in TT mode for the fastest ghost in my game right now (1:19.something), and the results are that yeah, there's about a 5 second difference, although looking at footage it looks to be only load times that are affected.

If we're going on the basis of banning NTR though, there needs to be checks in place for runs done by anyone with a hacked New3DS/2DS to make sure that their main CFW (likely LumaCFW) isn't also using the 804mHz mode of the N3DS' CPU OR there needs to be separate categories for N3DS 804mHz runs (which would be a pain and kind of pointless so).

Checks should be pretty easy for any run with video proof, just have the runner pull up the Rosalina menu in Luma (L+R+Dpad-Down+Select), go to New 3DS menu and show that the "Set clock rate to ___" shows 804mhz, as that indicates the 3DS is in 268mhz/old 3DS mode.

Or... Ban the use of hacked 3DS systems, although that would suck.

And to clear up confusion, NTR and it's streaming does cause problems in some games that use the N3DS extra CPU in game (Any SNES VC title, Xenoblade 3D, etc) because it's using what it believes to be the unused extra clock cycles that old games that don't have any N3DS enhancements can't/aren't programmed to use.

Also, NTR not being allowed should be stated in the rules for every category, along with whatever rules Lafungo decides on for LumaCFW's 804mhz mode, because if they're hiding in forum posts, some people (cough me) don't think to check.

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