Why in the hell is it that only a n64 can be used for cup runs?????????????
1 year ago
Arkansas, USA

It makes no sense. This is listed as a switch game on speedrun.com. Not everyone has a few hundred dollars on hand to get an n64. And even if I did, I wouldn’t buy an n64 anyways. If the switch version somehow is different, because of something like frame rate or something like that, just make a category for switch runs. I’m just confused.

Kansas, USA

Switch runs are classified as emulator, because the reduce in lag is comparable to emu

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California, USA

Switch runs are thrown into the VC category because the N64 produces a lot of lag, so therefore people playing on the N64 would be at a severe disadvantage. If you want to do runs on switch, you can only submit all cups runs.


Switch should really be under Emu or have it's own category since it's faster than VC. Or, there should be some kind of time conversion in place like PAL vs NTSC

Nottinghamshire, England

Conversion is dumb since you play different due to the lag, less lag makes the game easier to play cause you don't need to worry about lag reduction strats.

United States

I don't see why we can't have subcategories for vc under single cups just like how vc and emu are separate from N64.

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