MS-DOS versions of Mortal Kombat FAQ
6 years ago
New South Wales, Australia

There are 7 known versions of Mortal Kombat for MS-DOS.

3 Leaked Pirate/Beta versions of the game. 2 Versions released by a company called Ultratech. 1 Version released by Virgin Interactive on Floppy Disk. 1 Version released by Acclaim on CD.

You can find an extremely in depth break down of each version here:

The only versions we are allowing for speedrunning are:

  • The 2 Ultratech versions under the "Ultratech" category.

  • The Virgin Interactive version under the "Virgin" category.

  • The CD version under the "CD (GOG Version)" category.

  • The 3 leaked pirate/beta versions are banned for the purposes of speedrunning.

Aside from various minor differences, the most important thing you need to know about these versions is that they run at different speeds:

  • The 2 Ultratech versions (and the 3 leaked versions) run slower than the arcade version of the game
  • The Virgin release runs equal to the arcade version of the game
  • The CD version runs faster than the arcade version of the game

We have chosen to separate the categories for the DOS version into their respective speed. Since speed is the most defining factor for speed running, it would make it extremely unfair to put these versions in the same category.

Aside from the aforementioned speed differences, you can tell by observing the introductory logo's at the start of the game:

  • Ultratech versions have small white writing underneath the Acclaim logo showing the name Ultratech along with assorted company information.
  • Virgin versions have a red Virgin Logo splash screen that appears after the Acclaim logo and before the Probe logo.
  • CD versions do not have either of the above logos or signatures. Additionally, if you purchased your copy from, this is the version you will have recieved.
  • Please ask here if you have any other questions.
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