Additional rule clarification request
4 years ago
Kentucky, USA

Can a mod add "you must finish each hole without forfeiting" to the rules for clarification if that is a rule?

It's slower to forfeit than to just finish holes anyway, but Vriaeliss mentioned that he was told he had to complete each hole despite it not being in the rules.

I don't care one way or another whether it is allowed or not, just thought the clarification would be useful for runners since failing a hole to move on is essentially the golf equivalent of a death warp and, should this game be in a marathon setting, might be a legitimate strategy for some holes.

Vermont, USA

EG: Hole 9 - if you miss that trick shot, it'd be way faster to FF the hole than try to complete it at that point... and resetting at hole 9 kinda stinks if you got there with all Holes-in-one.

FF all holes is about 3m30s run, so will not endanger any WRs. FF a hole you just can't figure out similarly is going to be much longer than actually making the hole, but also opens doors to not immediately have to reset if you don't make the Hole-in-one shot (Looking at you Hole 5!!) and as such open doors for more runners to enter and submit.

I understand it's in the spirit of the game to complete each hole, but similarly one doesn't return to hole one if they hit the 10-stroke mercy rule in IRL mini golf.

Ultimately the mods' call on this, but I agree a FF hole shouldn't kill a run unless specified in the rules.

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