What do you consider for GOG's Metal Gear port
3 years ago

As you know Metal Gear (MSX) is on GOG for PC. It's the port added with Metal Gear Solid 3 : Subsistance. Which add infinite bandana and boss survival.

Should we consider it a new category or as an MSX category.

Rochester, NY, USA

The port of MGX1 on PC is similar to the PS2 version of MGX1. There's already a run or two done on PC. It doesn't play anything like the MSX original.


Okay but where the PC version get submitted then ?. PS2 category ?

Virginia, USA

NTSC/HDC. Only PAL PS2 is separated.

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Virginia, USA

This has been adjusted. GOG is now its own category!

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Good news everyone. The testing has concluded and thus far no difference in movement speeds for the Metal Gear Solid Master Collection Vol. 1 Versions of Metal Gear MSX have been found. The movement speed is the same as HD Collection and PS2 NTSC speeds. That's why you can now submit your Metal Gear

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