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It would be a good idea, however I don't know if people are still running this game 😕 I'm still working on SS New Game (5 sec improvement from my PB, I'm waiting for sub 3 to post something), so if other runners are hyped for that category I'd give it a try 🙂


That would just be called "all missions" as a "full game" run would be the Ground Zeroes mission, since that is the full game.

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Seems to be a good idea to me, and as people are interested in it, I'll add that category asap 😉

EDIT : Added All Missions and All Missions NG+ 🙂

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Question... why no checkpoint reload? Seems like it just creates an unnecessary barrier of entry


Thanks for the category Skull !

For Vallkyr : Depends if we use IGT or RTA. I think it has to be RTA since the IGT is totally messed up with the Reflex Glitch.

If so, Single Segment is forced (or else we could leave and enter the game to skip cutscenes faster, and it would be a pain for the timer (+ it depends of which version of the game you're playing)).

I'll make some runs when I'll be sure if it's RTA or IGT 🙂


It mostly definetly should be RTA. IGT can be exploited and forcing no-saves is stupid, when RTA works a lot better to begin with. If you die, you restart from checkpoint and it loses you time. That's how it should be


I agree RTA timing should be used for all missions. IGT would be silly to use.