croc cap
10 months ago

Complete the game and collect all 17 camouflages and 6 face paints obtainable in regular full-game gameplay. This does not include camouflages or face paints obtained outside of full-game gameplay like the Tuxedo, Bananas camo, monkey mask, or croc cap.

just watched somebody run this and thought id check out the rules.

last time i played this game it was for the PS2.

and if memory serves me well you get the croc cap during the main game contradictory to the rules. its in the black swamp during act 1 where u go to rescue sokolov

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I think it's just the way it's worded, with it being lumped in with the other items that do fit that criteria.

What it's meant to mean is that the croc cap isn't a required pickup, as it's not a camo or face paint but an item.