All Bosses - PC, Easy in 1h 00m 52s by VolcanicAkuma55VolcanicAkuma55 (Obsolete)

The first sub-1:01 for this category and my first Metal Gear world record!

Aside from movement, lost time from Wolf 1 going behind the pillar and Wolf 2...I don't know. I thought I had the killshot with the Stinger a few times, but I might have moved too early. All the other bosses were very smooth, with huge improvements for Rex, Liquid, and Escape. Shoutouts to the Metal Gear Speedrunners community who helped me gain the knowledge to do this.

Apologies for the splits layout being different, was trying something new.

In-game time: 1h 00m 52s

Rank: Pigeon

Turbo: Disabled

Played on PC [USA] on

Submitted by VolcanicAkuma55VolcanicAkuma55 on

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Name Duration Finished at
-Dock 2m 29s 000ms 2m 29s 412ms
-Heliport 0m 22s 000ms 2m 52s 320ms
-Tank Hangar 1m 04s 000ms 3m 56s 605ms
Guard Encounter 2m 09s 000ms 6m 06s 570ms
-Cell 0m 12s 000ms 6m 18s 586ms
-Armory 0m 26s 000ms 6m 44s 997ms
Revolver Ocelot 0m 19s 000ms 7m 04s 424ms
-Armory South 0m 18s 000ms 7m 23s 385ms
-Armory 0m 14s 000ms 7m 37s 649ms
-Tank Hangar 0m 26s 000ms 8m 04s 531ms
M1 Tank 0m 35s 000ms 8m 40s 232ms
-Nuke Building 1F 0m 40s 000ms 9m 21s 002ms
-Nuke Building B1 0m 25s 000ms 9m 46s 993ms
-Nuke Building B2 0m 47s 000ms 10m 34s 229ms
-Lab Corridor 0m 32s 000ms 11m 06s 998ms
Ninja 2m 02s 000ms 13m 09s 414ms
-Lab 0m 19s 000ms 13m 28s 549ms
-Lab Corridor 0m 10s 000ms 13m 38s 815ms
-Nuke Building B2 0m 16s 000ms 13m 55s 799ms
-Nuke Building B1 0m 52s 000ms 14m 48s 684ms
Psycho Mantis 1m 55s 000ms 16m 43s 892ms
-Commander's Room 0m 13s 000ms 16m 57s 069ms
-Cave 0m 39s 000ms 17m 36s 954ms
-Underground Passage 1m 12s 000ms 18m 49s 359ms
-Cave 0m 28s 000ms 19m 17s 444ms
-Commander's Room 0m 10s 000ms 19m 27s 543ms
-Nuke Building B1 0m 12s 000ms 19m 39s 733ms
-Nuke Building 1F 0m 28s 000ms 20m 08s 105ms
-Canyon 0m 19s 000ms 20m 27s 998ms
-Tank Hangar 0m 10s 000ms 20m 38s 717ms
-Armory 0m 30s 000ms 21m 09s 387ms
-Tank Hangar 0m 17s 000ms 21m 27s 095ms
-Canyon 0m 19s 000ms 21m 46s 110ms
-Nuke Building 1F 0m 28s 000ms 22m 14s 542ms
-Nuke Building B1 0m 12s 000ms 22m 27s 328ms
-Commander's Room 0m 11s 000ms 22m 38s 502ms
-Cave 0m 20s 000ms 22m 59s 459ms
Sniper Wolf 0m 28s 000ms 23m 27s 535ms
-Underground Passage 0m 32s 000ms 24m 00s 519ms
-Torture Room 0m 39s 000ms 24m 40s 003ms
-Medi Room 2m 33s 000ms 27m 13s 329ms
-Cell 0m 07s 000ms 27m 20s 725ms
-Tank Hangar 0m 17s 000ms 27m 38s 569ms
-Canyon 0m 19s 000ms 27m 57s 582ms
-Nuke Building 1F 0m 27s 000ms 28m 24s 594ms
-Nuke Building B1 0m 12s 000ms 28m 37s 396ms
-Commander's Room 0m 11s 000ms 28m 48s 629ms
-Cave 0m 20s 000ms 29m 09s 209ms
-Underground Passage 0m 09s 000ms 29m 18s 866ms
-Communications Tower A 1m 47s 000ms 31m 05s 901ms
-Comms Tower A Roof 0m 24s 000ms 31m 30s 164ms
-Comms Tower A Wall 0m 43s 000ms 32m 14s 101ms
-Walkway 0m 19s 000ms 32m 34s 086ms
-Communications Tower B 1m 46s 000ms 34m 21s 054ms
Hind D 2m 21s 000ms 36m 42s 312ms
-Comms Tower B Roof 0m 14s 000ms 36m 57s 047ms
-Communications Tower B 1m 09s 000ms 38m 06s 283ms
-Sniper Wolf 2 1m 09s 000ms 39m 15s 773ms
-Snowfield 0m 17s 000ms 39m 33s 713ms
-Blast Furnace 0m 12s 000ms 39m 46s 180ms
-Cargo Elevator 1m 48s 000ms 41m 34s 698ms
Vulcan Raven 0m 28s 000ms 42m 02s 782ms
-Warehouse 0m 10s 000ms 42m 13s 509ms
-Warehouse North 0m 09s 000ms 42m 22s 875ms
-Underground Base 1 0m 18s 000ms 42m 41s
-Underground Base 2 0m 09s 000ms 42m 50s 763ms
-Underground Base 3 0m 28s 000ms 43m 18s 795ms
-Command Room 0m 07s 000ms 43m 25s 978ms
-Underground Base 3 0m 27s 000ms 43m 53s 973ms
-Underground Base 2 0m 10s 000ms 44m 04s 297ms
{Underground Base 1 (Rat)}Underground Base 1 0m 28s 000ms 44m 32s 588ms
-Underground Base 2 0m 07s 000ms 44m 39s 973ms
-Underground Base 3 0m 25s 000ms 45m 05s 646ms
{Command Room (Normal Key)}Command Room 0m 07s 000ms 45m 13s 303ms
-Underground Base 3 0m 27s 000ms 45m 40s 877ms
-Underground Base 2 0m 10s 000ms 45m 51s 196ms
-Underground Base 1 0m 16s 000ms 46m 07s 767ms
-Warehouse North 0m 09s 000ms 46m 17s 599ms
-Warehouse 1m 01s 000ms 47m 19s 155ms
-Warehouse North 0m 10s 000ms 47m 29s 795ms
-Underground Base 1 0m 14s 000ms 47m 44s 443ms
-Underground Base 2 0m 07s 000ms 47m 51s 823ms
-Underground Base 3 0m 26s 000ms 48m 17s 955ms
{Command Room (Cold Key)}Command Room 0m 09s 000ms 48m 27s 571ms
-Underground Base 3 0m 27s 000ms 48m 55s 136ms
-Underground Base 2 0m 10s 000ms 49m 05s 487ms
-Underground Base 1 0m 16s 000ms 49m 21s 955ms
-Warehouse North 0m 09s 000ms 49m 31s 789ms
-Warehouse 0m 07s 000ms 49m 39s 276ms
-Cargo Elevator 1m 49s 000ms 51m 28s 395ms
-Blast Furnace 1m 01s 000ms 52m 30s 384ms
-Cargo Elevator 1m 49s 000ms 54m 19s 588ms
-Warehouse 0m 07s 000ms 54m 27s 016ms
-Warehouse North 0m 09s 000ms 54m 36s 256ms
-Underground Base 1 0m 15s 000ms 54m 51s 381ms
-Underground Base 2 0m 07s 000ms 54m 58s 757ms
-Underground Base 3 0m 25s 000ms 55m 24s 634ms
{Command Room (Hot Key)}Command Room 0m 36s 000ms 56m 00s 665ms
-Underground Base 3 0m 03s 000ms 56m 03s 988ms
Metal Gear REX 1m 08s 000ms 57m 12s 368ms
Liquid Snake 0m 56s 000ms 58m 08s 983ms
-Escape Route 1 0m 36s 000ms 58m 45s 460ms
{Escape Route}Escape Route 2 1m 52s 000ms 1h 00m 37s 718ms
Score 0m 14s 000ms 1h 00m 52s 704ms
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