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so guys here's a thread for sharing strats or to get some for beginners ... that's ... it.... i actually put this thread on because i noticed something that people don't do ( maybe because they don't know ) when you're against the chainsaw robot ( train ) and the school boss with gunvolt , you can do a charged shot, remove it , and do double damage ( 9 hit points in total ) , killing the chainsaw robot instantly or maybe kill the school boss one-cycle ( didn't do it yet ) , doesn't seem to apply to other bosses and the other enemies are faster to kill with the normal shots , hope to get your runs better

New Jersey, USA

Hello, folks :)

I picked up this game for the sole purpose of running it. I'm new to speedruns, as well as gaming, and this looks like a simple and fun platformer to start off with.

I'm going level by level and trying to learn the game in increments. I just posted my first successful run of the Train with Gunvolt. If anyone can take a minute to check it out and give me some feedback, that would be appreciated. Any general tips would also be appreciated. So far, I'm watching everyone else's runs and trying to pick things up.

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