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2muchtalk and less hype if you ask me, thats how i felt when watched it for a 2nd time and was really awkward and annoying to try to enjoy.

idk ninja coulda run wayyyy more smooth if nobody of those guys in the back were being annoying and PJSalt against him.

i dont even ... meh wasn't a pleasant thing to watch honestly, which is sad tho.

thoughts ???


if you hate it why did you watch it twice

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Go away noob

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"2muchtalk and less hype if you ask me"

I'm pretty sure that nobody did.




nah dude don't blame Chops, i just hecka suck because of hecka nerves

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ok ninja 😊.

its like that guy that speedrunned batman and there was this guy always telling like ''dude do that combo, ohh you missed it ohhh dude try a setup to keep going''.

then the speedrunned replied: i know what i'm doing, i speedrun this game then i know that to do.

but anyways ❤️ despite of that, totally enjoyed your run !!! quality man 😃


All I wanted to do was ruin medge speedrunning forever to save everyone's souls, is that so wrong?

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