100% Runnerbag Tool

A tool which allows you to reset your runnerbags and see which ones are collected. Allowed to reset bags for 100% runs (Press F12) (direct download)

By nulaftnulaft

All Extra Bindings

All the extra bindings not shown in-game; these include: instantly restarting a level, launching any checkpoint, changing FOV, instant suicide, etc. NONE OF THESE BINDINGS ARE ALLOWED IN ANY RUNS (with the exception of fov binds). (external link)

By nulaftnulaft

GOG noloads fix

Replace the GOG versions executable with this one to enable load removal and auto splitting. (direct download)

By (?)

Livesplit Speedometer Plugin

Displays your current speed in livesplit. This IS allowed in speedruns. (external link)

Multiplayer Mod

Multiplayer mod, antivirus and Windows Defender exceptions most likely required for this to work properly. NOT permitted in runs. (external link)

By btbd


A trainer for Mirror's Edge. Features include setting checkpoints for timing purposes, teleporting, flying, and god mode. Also displays detailed information about player velocity. (external link)

By Nulaft and Naechester


Blank save file

Has all levels unlocked, with no popups and no runnerbags collected. No longer needed due to Runnerbags tool. Place in Documents\EA Games\Mirror's Edge\TdGame\Savefiles and rename to your savefile name (external link)


69 Stars Splits

For use in the 69 stars category (direct download)

Full Game Splits

Can be used for all main categories except for 69 stars. (direct download)


Boat Truck Ride Mod

Only for use in chapter runs, Make a backup of your original for full game runs. C:\Users\you\Documents\EA Games\Mirror's Edge\TdGame\Published\CookedPC\Maps\SP07 (direct download)

Chapter 3 Office skip mod

Simulates slightly slower loads to achieve Office clip in chapter runs by delaying the load by 0.5 seconds. NOT ALLOWED in full game runs. Place the file in C:\Users\your name\Documents\EA Games\Mirror's Edge\TdGame\Published\CookedPC\Maps\SP03 (external link)

By ReqReq

Stormdrains Lag Removal Modded File

A mod to remove lag in stormdrains. Please only use with canals skip. Place in Documents\EA Games\Mirror's Edge\TdGame\Published\CookedPC\Maps\SP02 (direct download)

By keku645keku645

Windowed mod

This mod allows you to switch between windowed and fullscreen. Alt+Tab crashes will never happen again. (external link)

By Abincyp