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So is due to expire soon and I'm not entirely sure whether it'll be renewed (it's an external guy who pays for it), so I thought I'd copy one of the most useful posts on there over here. I've used this a bunch of time and can't thank BBGN enough for it, it's a fantastic wealth of everything you might ever need to run/practice Mirror's Edge.

This post is three years old now, there have been a lot of programs, pastebins and the like used since then which I've forgotten or don't know about. If there are, send them over to me.


Ninja here,

I'm attempting to compile a list of every Pastebin, plugin, and resource you might ever need for Mirror's Edge speedrunning. Hope this helps.

Timer: Livesplit:
It is HIGHLY recommended that every Single Segment runner of this game, regardless of category, use Livesplit. This is because the No-Loads plugin for Mirror's Edge only works on Livesplit.

You should not have to download the plugin to remove loads externally anymore unless you are on an older version of Livesplit. There should be an option in the Livesplit menu to download Load Removal, under "Edit Splits." To access this load removal, set your game to "Mirror's Edge," NOT "Mirror's Edge (PC)."

Any% Autosplit Livesplit File:
Glitchless Autosplit Livesplit File:
100% Autosplit Livesplit File:

100% Bag Guide:
"Any% Glitchless" Rules:
"Any% True Glitchless" Rules:
All Known "Console Commands" For Mirror's Edge:

100% Savefile - This savefile has collected none of the bags, but has gotten rid of the tutorial pop-ups in Prologue and Chapter 1. Rename the file to [yourname].dat [this link is dead in, if anyone has a 100% savefile, feel free to upload it and give me (Keel) a link to put in here].


NohBoard - program that shows keyboard inputs on stream:
I also made a simple NohBoard layout for Mirror's Edge. Click here to download it.

Old Autosplit Program (that nobody should use but I will include just in case): Download it here: (Works on Livesplit 1.3 and below).

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Regarding the True Glitchless Rules:
What wallruns fall under the category wallboosting? Is it any wallrun that doesn't "lead" anywhere but simply with the purpose of going up to full momentum, or is it abusing it to continuously go over the 26kph threshold?

Springboard rotations? As in having a completely fixed camera until it's performed from start to finish or more loosely like less than 45 or 90 degrees etc?

"Jumping off of a wall that can not be stood on normally" Any examples? I'm not really sure what it means.

Running around the fence in Ch3 is allowed because you can shimmy below it? I don't really understand it.

I'm assuming altclimbs are banned although they're not actually mentioned?


Those true glitchless rules are very old now and I don't really know anything about them.. True glitchless is a dumb category but I guess that pastebin was the best attempt of someone to try and get a list of rules down. There are newer things like alt-climbs which aren't mentioned and there are also some oversights which you rightly raised.

The best idea if you want to run the aidsfest that is true glitchless is to just not do anything remotely out of the ordinary. Go through the game holding W and do nothing fast = true glitchless.