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I am trying to get more involve with this community. I am new to speedrunning and have started working on Mirror's Edge. I've been looking for streamers to watch and get more involved with but have had no luck. I have read that the discord is private until you become established in the community and that is what I am trying to do. If anyone can help me out that would be amazing.

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Most top 10 runners don't stream often, only walrus used to stream a lot to get WR back. If you want to learn running the game he has a very detailed tutorial series on his channel. I think req will have his new internet soon and he might stream more often. I guess if you're looking for content just go around on YouTube and watch videos from the main runners channels.
Welcome to ME speedrunning, I hope you'll have fun 🙂

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Thanks yeah i found most of the content already Im more looking for the conversation aspect of the community which it why i wanted the streams. I don't want to feel like if i had a question or something I would have to wait possibly days to hear an answer just because this forums is kinda dead if you know what I mean. But i appreciate it.


Medge runners stream runs quite often but the best way to be able to ask questions on the fly would be to submit a run so you can gain access to the discord.


I personally recommend following the game Mirror's Edge on twitch and checking that semi-regularly if you want to watch people run. That is what I do and I find a lot of new people as well as see when good runners occasionally stream

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You can also check this twitch team, although it's outdated some people still stream under it.