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Any suggestions are appreciated considering it is still being worked on. Thought it was interesting to look at.


I like the style of it. Looks really cool so far. One suggestion though, can you put like bars in between sections so it's a bit easier on the eyes?


Done. As far as aesthetics goes, I'm just having trouble customizing the color of PS3 to blue and Xbox 360 to green, it's atm a bit hard on the eyes with the different background colors. Furthermore, I don't know what color the Xbox One should be (Puke got the True Glitchless WR on that platform so it's a necessity). Was thinking a dark red or black would do.


Come on, come all !7
I believe the new wr on PS3 is here, with 51m35s without loads. But, I'm not 100% sur of my loadings removal so I might want to know how to certify my time ?
Sub 50 is soooo doable though.