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Hey guys, im trying to get into speedrunning this game (despite being kinda bad lol) and despite having the load removals thing in Livepsplit and having the splits set to this I cannot seem to get the game to work with game time, only real time (so it wont remove load times and wont make game time splits).

Here is an example of what I mean -

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Edit splits>settings>tick game time. also you don't need to use the old autosplitter it's a thing in livesplit now. also make sure the game is set to Mirror's Edge and not Mirror's Edge PC


Yeah I already have those settings on and it is still not working 😕


On the edit splits menu have you clicked activate where it says 'Load removal is available'?


Yeah I have done that too.


Ok so I did something I should have tried earlier, re-downloaded Livesplit (wasn't on the old version) now it works so yeah, thanks anyways.


I can't get my load time removal to work either, what version of livesplit did you use to finally make it work?