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So, I came back to the game a few days ago, and since I quit there's been loads of discoveries I've seen in runs that I tried to search youtube for tutorials how to do, but without any luck. I hoped I could find some here since I'm not really good enough for the Discord group yet.

The wallclimb-turn-altkey to vault up the wall you're climbing; I've been trying to do this for a while but I keep jumping backwards all the time so I have no real idea if I'm just too slow or if there's actually something to it that I'm missing.

Wallboosting (BlueWall for example); Whenever I tried this in time trials I'm just not hitting the speeds you can reliably (37kph instead of 40+) just wondering if there's some trick to looking somewhere special or just a timing issue

Chaining KGs and directions of them; How does this actually work? I've tried it a bit on my own and the only real conclusions in directions is that the earlier I kick from the wall the straighter it will go? Still not getting it down reliable enough to really being able to use it consistently.

Elevator clips; I have no idea how to do this

Any help and info from how the game has developed so far is really appreciated. Thanks in advance // Yung


Heya, I'm still extremely new but I'll link you to some stuff I've found.

Have you checked out all of Walrus's videos? I know in Chapter 3 he goes over alt climbs @ 1:28:

Wallboosting, it's just something you're going to have to practice. You need to be looking into the wall more, but not too far. Check out blackbeltginganinja's video on it @ 4:20ish: He's going 40+ so you can see what he's talking about.

Ovendonkey's kick glitch crash course talks about angling. From what I've seen there really isn't anything special about chaining kickglitches -- each step in the chain is controlled in the same way. You've got the gist of it, but definitely check his for a better explanation:

I don't know much about elevator clips so I don't have an answer there, sorry. I'm curious too! I know ginganinja has a video on it but I haven't really attempted them yet myself:

I'm sure you've seen this playlist but I'm going to link it just in case you haven't:

It's in the Resources section.
Sorry if this isn't what you're looking for, but I hope it helps.

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Thanks guys! I've been looking through Walrus' tutorials and I managed to get the Prologue KG chain down (bad ending though) pretty fast. Will definitely check everything out posted here and the rest his tutorials 🙂