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The idea is to get more people into the speed running community by creating an easier category to help introduce people to the game and concept of speed running. In theory I just bought the game and have been watching a couple of people speedrun the game and I want to learn but the only thing I understand how to do is the jump coil and the side step/ dash and all I know outside of the intended route is the spiral staircase skip, which I believe is in chapter 2 and the storm drain skip, which is when you go to the third pillar after sliding under the door and do a wall run jump to the platform as oppose to climbing the ladder on the right and making your way around.

Edit: I have updated the runs to exclude the issue of having to go through training as a requirement to the run.


I want loads of money, doesnt mean im gonna get it.

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Why would you make the speedrun less interesting just so casual fuckboys can have an "easy" speedrun?

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I don't think a category should have such 'precise' rules.. Like you can't just say "Quitting out and reloading is banned apart from in this instance and in this instance, in which case it's fine", as well as "You MUST go the intended route apart from in this one precise area of the game and this other precise area of the game". Similarly, "intended route" is vague and could mean several different things per area.

If you want to run a category for casual players who might not know/want to learn the harder glitches, just run glitchless.

Edit: Also, playing through training every single run would make me want to stab my eyes out, and I can't imagine many new casual players finding much casual solace by playing training a million times.

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I never understood the point of having more people in a community. It really depends on what kind of people you have. Mirror's Edge has a somewhat unique speedrunning community because it attracts the most invested players for a long time and everyone is more familiar with each other which in turn leads to becoming more helpful and also builds friendly competition. Generally speaking, if the game were very easy to run, you'd have a lot of people without a clue of what they're doing who don't need to work hard to get a decent time.

It's not about how many people you have in your community, it's about the dedication of the people in it.
A thousand people who have completed one run are less important than one person who completed a thousand runs.