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New Sticky: List of strat montagesModReq
New Sticky: Medge DiscordModKeelshing
New Sticky: Cross-Post from Every Resource You May Ever NeeedModKeelshing
New Sticky: Mirror's Edge World Record HistoryModReq
New When does "easy chain" become easy?Jimmy
New No Glitches Allowed, a glitchless speedrunning marathonSloaTheDemon
New I will be fixing all the “possible skips” and making them work.Redh31
New Why don't we use 1A elevator flip?Redh31
New Please help me change the ESC key in the game.GamerForEver
New 69 stars loading etcTickborn
New FishMoleyVoetiem
New Getting startedCubianer
New DiscordgwnMarty
New When do people streamUltmanners
New Remove GlitchlessRemoveGlitchless
New Pure Time Trials for SteamJimmy
New Really Annoying, Sad and plenty other emotions to be addedSeValentine
New Auto splitter link not existing file?LegendaryXD
New 1D Elevator Clip problemslamer
New Sliding wall climbTickborn
New Accidentally wallboostinglamer
New Coming back to Mirror's Edge - need help with understand some mechanicsYung_xD
New Mirror's Edge Console WR Historybbooher77
New The discord?SinVsGaming
New I want to create a new category...Tiny0_o
New TrainerJonarrow
New AutosplitSpyman68
New Weird Chapter 1 GlitchSpyman68
New how the heck do you use the runnerbag tool to reset your bag counttowai
New I know these forums are dead but help plzIGoSlow
New custom mapscybersonicstarzx655
New Stupid Jump button only category.Isenlyn
New A Dedicated Mod Application Thread?WhoIsThisKid
New Chapter 1 / getting past guardsJimenzy21
New Submission issueMrRacingmonster
New K+M or Controller?phatdanny
New Discord/TeamspeakJimenzy21
New 2E Elevator Skiponechop
New With loads timingZS45
New GlitchlessxMewtwos
New Im a Livesplit NoobIGoSlow
New Next Gen consle's and TAS?Themusician
New Chapter 1 Out of bounds crash?ManamiNaps
New Glitchless Rules - Clippingbbooher77
New Change FoV ?Ghoty
New LiveSplit Problem with MEMisterSlyder
New Naechester  Page: 1 2 3AdminPac
New but really, 69 time trial stars doesnt make anything 69% completed5975
New Where are the rest of the categories?Voetiem
New Time without loads plugin stopped workingZalbu
New Time without loads?Trumpet_Dude
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