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So I made some mini discoveries in the game whilst in Cataris.

So I was trying to go through the game while using sequence breaks to avoid Kraid/Diffusion Beam.

Sometime after I got Grapple Beam I thought I could maybe get it backwards without difficulty but was reminded of the bomb blob that was placed there to prevent that.

So I applied the pseudowave technique I learned to get space jump early in Ferenia.

I used a dash melee with the little room that I had, and tried to find the angle needed to release a charge shot by morphing, and it worked! Once. I couldn't get it after that. (though I wasn't trying for that long before I went to upload this.)

Ok, so after my potential backwards diffusion beam discovery, I decided to get it normally and fight kraid, which I was looking forward to because I wanted to delete his mouth with super missiles ala Super Metroid.

Anyway, I dropped in, and he was gone.

Everything seemed to be in its post-battle state, except the last stomach thing kraid shoots when he dies isn't there at all.

So, very confused, I got my diffusion beam.


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How much time do you suppose it can save, if any? And how would one go about routing this?

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All blobs around Kraid have a secondary protection after being hit the first time. Either it's an additional collision or a specific check for diffusion damage. In any case it looks like extra checks to make sure you cannot get through without diffusion.

(also you don't actually need to morph in that tight space - the dash melee aim can shoot through chimney walls by itself)

And like all major bosses Kraid gets scooped up by the X once they are released. That's why he's gone.

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@YinYinYinYin ah, i see.
also if you skip a pre-X released boss, they are gone after the X are free?