Separate category that allows Turbo
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Separate category that allows Turbo

Hello there,

As many speedrunners out there who have tried to speedrun the game, a good portion of it has to do with button mashing. Especially the bosses in this game rely on it.

While it's understandable that the use of turbo is banned on the main category, I suggest a separate one that does allow turbo, so that people can lay off the button mash a bit and compete equally with the use of a turbo. I am very certain there are many players that are interested in playing this, myself included.

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United States

Honestly I agree with that type of category for the sake of people with trouble button mashing that much or have a disability that makes it hard for them to.

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Massachusetts, USA

Trust and believe, while I can definitely button mash, doing so too often leads to such fatigue to my right arm, I swear I was hitting the gym hard... on just that arm. I fully support the idea of a Turbo category.

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How do you turbo on switch?

Massachusetts, USA

Get a turbo controller... Or have really fast fingers.

Västernorrland, Sweden

I suggest trying a more ergonomic way of mashing.

You use your nails and rub back and forth on the button, letting the button depress between your nails, takes some getting used to but easy on them hands. :)

Search for ALTTP hovering for more vids/help.

Massachusetts, USA

@ChrisisMode I might try that. I think my right arm is starting to look buffed and ripped from all the vigorous button mashing at this point.

Oregon, USA

I am someone who is quite good at mashing but admittedly has wrist issues from years of competitive Smash Bros Melee and Starcraft.

Yes it's my fault I didn't take care of my hands when it mattered but I was much younger and didn't care. Being only 27 and not being able to do more than one run a day because of the mashing really fucking sucks. But it is the way it is for me... Allowing turbo would effectively solve that for people like myself. As far as i'm aware turbo wouldn't effect the run in any other substantial way but someone more knowledgeable can correct me. I understand that mashing is a skill of itself and I agree with that. However, The physical barrier preventing me from running this because of it feels real bad.

I can only point to the Metal Gear Solid 2 community and how they've allowed Turbo in their game to make it more accessible for people such as myself. I get it if it doesn't happen. I just hope it does.

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San Francisco, CA, USA

As a 25 year old who just got into melee this year and speed running as well. One of the biggest things that im noticing is I need to stretch my wrist before I play

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Massachusetts, USA

Someone I know tested the max rate of fire, and it’s far greater than what mastered double mashing can achieve, so I can say that a turbo controller can very well make a massive difference in fights where mashing matters, like the Chozo Warrior fights, or Raven Beak. It’s for that reason, a separate category for turbo controllers wouldn’t be a bad idea for those who either can’t mash, or simply don’t want to.

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just cheat I probably won't be able to find it

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There are not that many sections where you are required to mash in the run and most of those bosses you can still do extremely decent without killing your hands mashing.

Even Raven Beak, you can do a really good fight without mashing, most of the timesaves for most still come from movement and other strats that don't involve mashing.

The reason I'm saying this is not because I would be against a category or something if it ever happens, but due to the wrong perception about having to mash to be able to run this game (when in reality is really less than 5% of the run)

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Indiana, USA

why not just do the shake the controler technic it works decent for me oats explained it at some point its what he uses

Portland, OR, USA

@kiranearitachi, for some of us, its not so simple. I mash as hard as I can, and still lose 20 seconds (if not more) on EACH Chozo Warrior fight compared to people like oatsngoats. Some of us either just can't mash, or physically can't mash. The biggest reason why I am a supporter of a separate category, instead of just allowing turbo controllers all together, is because you can turbo through normal rooms to kill enemies faster, keep you healthier, and all that stuff.

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The use of turbo would also mean 3 frame perfect shine sparks, as well as being able to shoot beams in an inhuman speed + being able to shoot missiles in between at the top of it, highly reducing the time you take killing bosses. I highly suggest a separate category instead of allowing turbo in the main category alongside people without turbo

West Virginia, USA

Turbo category would be a fantastic separate category for people like me; although I'd like a turbo restricted (only during bosses, in the case that turbo also makes future glitches easier to perform, and because it would make most rooms trivial) and a turbo unrestricted category. Both games I run require short, but intense bursts of mashing that tire out my arm quickly and stress my elbow leading to me only being able to do the equivalent of 2 full length runs a day, even with more ergonomic methods of mashing.

Very first post! Been learning from watching you all since the first time i saw someone run super back in 2015.... I myself have been using a turbo lately and have been super amazed at the speed it gives. Timed some if my boss fights.... kraid went down in less than 60 seconds.... doesnt even get a chance to spit fireballs in 1st phase. chozo warrior.... shinesparked into transforming and death/ parry animataion at 17 seconds. I have the original vids on my swich and smartphone. Not sure how to post them here. But would love to show you guys!! Im using a jackiss pro turbo controller.. Definitely should be kept separate from those without, but the turbo club wants their fun too!. Is there any way we can make that happen? Makes me feel like im super Samus lol.

Takes some getting used to, as turning the turbo on/off while running and fighting adds a whole new layer of gameplay. Performed my first psuedowave (broken emmi) and consistent slide jumps... turning the turbo off mid air is nuts though!!!